Doe Deere Never Gave Up On Her American Dream Before Lime Crime

One of the main reasons why people choose to immigrate to the United States is in the pursuit of the American Dream. Doe Deere is an immigrant of Russia who founded her own company in which she is also the Chief Executive Officer. This company is a popular makeup brand Lime Crime which is based in Las Angeles with 35 employers. While her first several years in America as a young woman may have been exceptionally difficult, she thanks the country for the opportunities she has had since she moved here at 17.

While Doe Deere may have been homeless for a large part of her first years in the United States, things are drastically different for her and her family now. Her younger sister and she moved to the United States from Izhevsk, Russia with their accountant mother. While the United States that they were first exposed to may have seemed to be a far cry from the America that she saw in magazines and movies, she worked hard to achieve the American Dream that she had spent so many hours thinking about in Russia, the homeless shelter, and the small apartment that she and her family later lived in.

When Doe Deere first arrived in the United States, she and her mother had plans to immediately start working. Unfortunately, she was unable to get her records of education from Russia and they found that the savings that they had been relying on did not last as long as they had expected it to. Even though her mother had extensive experience with accounting, it still wasn’t enough to get her a fair paying job right away.

Things changed for Doe Deere when she and her family were given the opportunities she had been hoping for. While the small apartment in the projects may not have been as glamorous as she envisioned, it was still home. By living a hard life, she learned to appreciate everything that she had worked so hard to achieve. The sketches she had been drawing in the homeless shelter led her to the opportunity to be educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the rest is part of Lime Crime History.

How Eva Moskowitz Is Transforming Education In New York City

Eva Moskowitz has spent her entire career in the educational industry. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her bachelor’s degree, and has a Ph.D. in American History that she earned at John Hopkins University. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City.

It was in 1989 that Eva Moskowitz established her professional career, serving at the University of Virginia as a Visting Professor who specialized in communications and mass culture. Since that time she has worked as an assistant professor at both Vanderbilt University and the City University of New York. In 1996 she joined Columbia University as the Chair of the Faculty Seminar in American Studies.

In 1998. Eva Moskowitz entered the private world when she joined Prep for Prep as both the Director of Public Affairs and as a civics teacher. She decided to run for office in 1999 and was elected as a New York City Councilmember. She was the Education Committee Chair on the city’s council and was a strong advocate of charter schools and other private options to the public schools in the city.

After leaving government, she established Success Academy Charter Schools in 2006. She has said that even the best public schools are performing poorly when compared to their international counterparts. While most people know that the schools primarily teaching children that come from low-income households are poor, Eva Moskowitz says that even the schools teaching children coming from wealthy families are exposed to schools that are failing their missions.

At the Success Academy, Moskowitz has created a model of teaching students that is free of the type of overwhelming bureaucracy that exists in public schools. She is also against the types of contracts that teachers receive which makes it all but impossible to get rid of bad teachers. She holds administrators, teachers, and students accountable in regards to high expectations and standards. This has led to students who perform far higher on standardized tests than at any of the public school options in New York City.