Securus Technologies Inc. was founded in 1986, in Texas by Richard A Smith. He created a system that will control contrabands in cell phones. It is one of the largest providers of detainee communications, parolee tracking and government management solution. Its main notion is to provide the public with safety by using its technology to solve investigations on inmate-on-inmate crimes and provides a good environment for the people.

Richard’s main honor to create this service was to protect and serve the country. I think this service is really useful and it can be proven from some of the customers testimonials. One customer sent a feedback explaining how they were able to obtain a corrupt staff worker while another one said of how they could monitor calls that had information regarding inmate alcohol use and threats to a person or a state.

By using Securus Technology, investigations have been much easier and faster to solve and also the jail security has highly been improved. The system could also be used to know the various complaints on sexual harassment and monitoring the contraband incidences.

Securus Technologies Inc. services have been rendered to be very useful by many people including various correctional facilities. This has enhanced its market and it has widely spread. Currently, it’s about forty five states but in the near future I see it being used and being the only option for many people. The service being rendered is very secure, simple, powerful and easy to use. It is also very accessible and affordable. All these traits increase its chances of experiencing a worldwide growth.

I honestly think it’s a choice I would choose due to its high quality services and the best customer services. It also helps to make the world a better place for many people around the world.


Get A Vast Number Of Calling Features Through Securus Technologies

The threat of not being able to talk to the ones you love in a correctional facility may hinder a lot of inmates from staying connected to the ones they love. Securus Technologies has made it their mission to provide their customers with a secure network. You get a integrated network that allows their customers to talk more and spend far less than competitor networks. They are one of the largest growing inmate communications providers that started out as a inmate regulating network under the mandate of the Public Utility Commission. You never have to worry about the rising costs of inmate calls being a enabler to talk the ones you love in a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies has recently received a Stevie Award that has allowed them to stand out for customer service. They received the Stevie Award for a high level of customer service. The highest award that you can receive for customer service is the Gold Stevie Award. Customers can rest assured that they will always have the ability to speak to a live customer service professional for information about their services or features. You’ll never be stuck trying to navigate services on your own.


Securus Technolgies recently caught a security threat that allowed them to minimize a security threat that has been caused by a corrupt staff member. The goal was to eliminate the threat of increased fees. They were glad to have the ability to have a platform that works for their customers to relay information and give feedback. Now, their customers can rely on the same network that is trusted by thousands of people around the world. Become a part of the Securus Tchnologies network by visiting their easy to read and navigate website. They want their customers to talk more and spend less on inmate calls.