U.S. Money Reserve head convokes meeting of high officials in Austin

Recently, U.S. Money Reserve CEO Phillip Diehl held a conference of top officials in the gold industry, economics and government policy. The conference was held to discuss imminent threats facing the U.S. economy as well as the role that the international and domestic gold and silver markets are playing. The meeting was held at an undisclosed, secure location in Austin, Texas.

During the conference, Diehl unveiled his recent report entitled “The U.S. Gold Report”. In it, Diehl goes over different threats to the U.S. economy. The most prominent of these is the imminent cash shortfalls in the government budget, which will necessarily require the Fed to increase the money supply. Diehl worries that this can only lead to hyperinflation in the long term, threatening the life savings of everyone poised to retire in the future.

Another issue that Diehl touched on is the so-called pig in the python being created by the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement age. Diehl says that, for this demographic, it is absolutely imperative to hedge against inflation and declining capital markets. Diehl contends that not only will the need for retirement savings be greater than at any time before in U.S. history, but the rapidly increasing number of 70-plus year olds will dramatically decrease consumption, leading to economic stagnation and a sharply lowered tax base.

This effect is going to be exacerbated by the Boomers remaining in the workforce for longer than any prior generation, eliminating jobs that would normally have been filled by younger people. This will further erode the ability of the federal government to collect revenues, as most of the Boomers will be collecting Social Security and using government healthcare, thus becoming net tax liabilities. All this, says Diehl, adds up to one thing – tons of inflationary pressure.

Diehl believes that the coming levels of inflation will make the Carter and Reagan years look like a bump in the road. The only way to effectively hedge against this existential threat to personal wealth and savings, for millions of Americans, is through the purchase of gold and silver, preferably coins that are physically held by the buyer.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest suppliers in the world of physical gold and silver assets, such as coins and bullion. Founded in 2008 by former director of the U.S. Mint, U.S. Money Reserve seeks to bring professional risk-hedging strategies to millions of Americans.

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