Mighty Fortress Church The Sacred Refuge

Minnesota is beautiful and very unique. It has 10,000 lakes and the most beautiful scenery you can imagine. In the fall you can expect the best of the rich fall colors. Throughout Minnesota’s state parks and recreation areas are amazing trails and breathtaking views. The winters can be severe, but it is a winter wonderland you don’t want to miss.

Every state has something that sets it apart and makes it special, and Minnesota is no exception. You will find some of the most beautiful churches in the state. The Assumption, also known as The Grasshopper Chapel has an interesting historical background. The first was destroyed by a tornado and The Assumption replaced it in 1951. The grasshopper plague ended after a time of prayer. A memorial dwelling replaced the 1870 structure. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Church of Our Lady of the Angels has one of the most striking interiors found in any church in Minnesota. There is an incredible display of Mary ascending from the clouds in the beautiful dome.

Lakewood Memorial Chapel is on the list of National Historic places. This beautiful structure has stain-glass windows that perform the job as a sundial telling the time of day and season. The mosaic is of marble and colored stone in the interior.

The Mighty Fortress Church is more than just a beautiful structure. It is changing lives through the solid teaching of the Word of God. Bishop Thomas Williams is the senior Pastor and founder of the church. His message clearly states that all the answers are in Christ. He teaches biblical principles that result in victorious living for the body of Christ. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on facebook.com.

You may have questions concerning this church. What is the atmosphere like? You can rest assured that you will feel at home. Rituals are not a part of The Mighty Fortress Church. You can come as you are. Everybody is important and welcome.

You may be wondering what you can expect when attending The Mighty Fortress Church. A time of spiritual renewal and refreshment, deeply rooted in worshipping a living God. Feel free to express your gratitude through corporate worship.

What makes this church so different and unique from others? You will find the answers of building a deeper personal relationship with Christ as well as building relationships with other Christians.

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