Kamil Idris Says Intellectual Property Rights Day Growing Popular

Kamil Idris says that since the launch of the World Intellectual property day, which is approximately 8 years ago, the day is gaining popularity and support from across the globe. He reports that more and more governments are supporting the initiative by joining WIPO in celebrating its existence and activities. The day is held on 26th of April every year.

Public Awareness

Mr. Kamil Idris points out that the general public ought to be informed of the connection of intellectual property rights with the wider issues such as environmental degradation and the pursuant conservation efforts. Protection of intellectual property is especially important because it helps to encourage innovation by ensuring that those who make innovative technological developments are rewarded for their efforts. Indeed, invention and innovations help to resolve many issues that concern the global citizen today. Without setting up mechanisms to protect intellectual property rights, many technologies would be suppressed; since there would be no incentive to innovate or invent global technologies to help solve problems that afflict humanity. To put it in perspective and demonstrate how important it is to safeguard intellectual property rights. Mr. Kamil Idris gives the example of the technologies that are put to use to entertain millions of families across the globe with events happening in remote places. Families can enjoy live telecasts of sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup in the comfort of their living rooms at a minimal cost. It is possible because of technological inventions. The World Intellectual Property Day is set aside to celebrate the power of creativity by humans. It is also a day that recognizes the efforts made to support intellectual property in pushing the economic agenda and development.

About Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a renowned scholar from Sudan. He served as the Director of International Intellectual Property Organization. Kamil was born in August 1954 in Sudan He also vied for a presidential position in his country. He is a lawyer by profession, trained at the University of Khartoum. Kamil Idris also holds a Bachelor of Philosophy in Economic Theories and Political Science from the University of Cairo. He is a highly schooled person. He also has several other professional and educational qualifications from institutions across the globe. Some of the notable honors he has received include the honorary Doctorate he was awarded by the United States. He was also awarded a Doctor of Letters from Indira Gandhi University.

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