Former diplomat Daniel Taub travels to Bradford

Daniel Taub term as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom was marked as the greatest ever. The Jewish community living in the United Kingdom says that in the history of the diplomatic relations, the period between 2011 and 2015, when Daniel Taub served was the best. The Jewish community living in the United Kingdom gained a lot in terms of business growth.

Before his appointment, business was not very good. By the time he was leaving, trade had doubled, and the number of Jewish owned business in the United Kingdom had tremendously increased. In short, Israel was enjoying a cordial relationship with the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub had the advantage of having been born in the United Kingdom. To him, this was no new territory. He had spent his early life in the United Kingdom and only moved to Israel as a grown up. He was familiar with the United Kingdom, and it was not going to be hard for him to get the two countries working together.

The staunch orthodox Jew played his role so well that he accomplished results that had never been recorded in the history of the two countries partnership.

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and is love for diplomatic matter is second to none. His entire career was spent serving in the ministry of foreign affairs in the Israeli government. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel Taub’s term in office was however exposed to challenges. There were some changes he encountered when dealing with anti-Israeli activists in the United Kingdom. While he was serving his term, there was a boycott of Israel by the universities students’ organizations in the country.

The students’ bodies were protesting what they termed as Israeli use of excessive force in the Middle East. However, Daniel Taub disagreed with them but at the same time defended the students’ leaders from any form of punishment that the university wanted to hand them. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Another case that happened when the MP for Bradford said that his area was an Israeli free zone. The action by the M.P did not go down well with the Jewish community who protested it and termed it as intolerance of the highest order.

Daniel Taub took action as the ambassador and traveled to Bradford as the ban was still in effect. He wanted to show the world that he would not accept discrimination of the Jewish community by a man who he termed as anti-Israeli. The M.P had already demonstrated his biases towards Israel for a long time.