Dr. Kamil Idris Is Bringing An Economic Boost In The IP Market

Dr. Kamil Idris is a Sudanese statesman and Director General with World Intellectual Property Organizations, based in Geneva, also known as (WIPO). With the way everything is revolutionizing today in this digital age, and how easy the access to the Internet is globally, company executives across the globe are aware of risk regarding IP theft, and through Kamil Idris and the World Intellectual Property Organizations, he assist these companies when it comes to protecting their intellectual property rights, since IP is a very vital part of development for a company’s growth.

Dr, Kamil Idris attended the University of Ohio, where he received his Masters degree in International Law and International Affairs. Befor Idris began working for World Intellectual Property Organizations, he served in the Sudanese Foreign Service as a Professor of International Law and Ambassador, and in Geneva, Dr. Kamil Idris served in the Permanent Mission to Sudan with the United Nations. He has been a major factor in coordinating and speaking for the group as a whole, regarding issues that have an affect on people on a international scale.

With just a click of a mouse, piracy has become an issue while copyrights are infringed upon by individuals who takes original creativity from an already established source with the idea, and portray as if the idea originated with them.
So what Dr. Kamil Idris does is help cut down on the making of counterfeit products, by bringing awareness and education to companies who might not at first recognize the issue, by establishing minimum levels of protection for the copyrights of the originators material.

Kamil Idris, thru the World Intellectual Property Organizations has been able to utilize science and the latest technology to review patent documents, as a result of improved communications by affordable training and programs that they have in place, creating an even more economic boost and technological development. Their training regarding intellectual property has reached new levels, with companies wanting to keep experiencing smooth transitions with the products that they patent.

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