Jason Hope – A Known Supporter of the SENS Foundation.

The remarkable entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, Jason Hope, is known in his community not only for his mobile communications company, but for his efforts in mentoring high school students in Scottsdale, Arizona, gaining grant programs for entrepreneurs and yes, of course, supporting the SENS foundation.

Jason Hope graduated Arizona State University, with a degree in finance. In addition to this degree, he would earn a MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Just like graduating college and pursuing a career in technology, Jason Hope expenses his encouragement and influences on high school students to become great leaders in their communities. In addition to mentoring, he also develops grants for high school seniors, and college students as well, to fund technology related ideas. Grants between $500 – $5000 are granted accordingly.

Aside from his efforts towards advancing students, Jason Hope is an avid supporter of the SENS foundation as well. SENS’ anti-aging persistent research efforts are fascinating to Jason. Their approach to pursue developments for people to live forever is a highly interesting pursuit that Jason has decided to jump onbaord with. As this isn’t SENS foundation’s only approach, their main purpose is to create solutions in which allows people to live a longer and more quality life. And this approach is to be accomplished by finding cures to the many diseases that breaks down the body and causes people to age much faster than they should.

As current available medicines only treat such diseases, SENS is looking to cure them and Jason Hope is behind the foundation 100%. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and lung disease are common anti-aging diseases in which SENS foundation strives to cure.

Jason Hope donates 500,000 to the SENS foundation. His donation will serve the purpose of works associated with arteriosclerosis, which is a disease that hardens the arteries, which increases blood pressure, very common in the elderly, and as a result causes advanced aging disadvantages.

Jason Hope is not only known for his philanthropist efforts, but for his technology development efforts as well. Mobile apps, desktop software, gaming and more are his specialties which he uses to improve the human condition and make life more enjoyable.

For more information on Jason Hope, you can visit his website to discover a multitude of information about the various aspects of his pursuits. Jason Hope is one of the most recognized and appreciated philanthropist in Arizona. Let’s all support ant-aging, shall we, and just maybe one day we will all be able to live forever.

Contact Jason Hope: www.instagram.com/jasonhope.az/

Jason Hope: How to Combat Aging

For centuries, humans have experimented with different things on how immortality can be achieved. According to the latest research performed by Jason Hope, a wealthy entrepreneur based in Arizona, immortality and the fight against aging can be developed within this century. Jason Hope has funded research performed by the SENS Foundation, which aims to stop the aging process for humans to live forever. The SENS Foundation has introduced a high-tech way of treating diseases called rejuvenation biotechnologies, and its primary objective is to renew the cells inside the body. Jason Hope stated that after his donations to the foundation, he would want to live his life to the fullest through the use of these promising technologies.

There are so many advantages that one can benefit from rejuvenation biotechnologies. Jason Hope is no stranger to the industry which sells products and ideas form the future. Jason Hope is also a huge fan of the future lifestyle, and he wishes everyone good luck as the medicine that will battle against aging has just been developed. Jason Hope also donated millions of dollars’ worth of cash to the SENS Foundation to build their research building. Jason Hope has also expressed his excitement with the project because according to him, for the first time in so many years, diseases related to aging can finally be cured.

Despite the rejoice and triumph of those who are believing in Jason Hope, they would have to wait a little longer because the cure for aging is not yet perfected. Jason Hope is a businessman and entrepreneur who would like to experience the lifestyle of the future, and he stated that he would not think twice selling some of his businesses and products just to support the causes he believes would one day save humanity. Jason Hope is an optimistic thinker, and he is recognized for being a positive thinker despite all of the problems that he and his company is facing. Aside from the key to immortality, Jason Hope is also thinking about ways on how he can be able to change society as a whole, an attempt that would save many lives.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope

Jason Hope: Understandably IoT

What is your favorite mobile device? It could be your phone, game system, or perhaps even a tablet. All these devices share one trait; they have been designed to make your life easier or more enjoyable. There are so many new technologies being created every single day with these motives in mind, it can be very difficult to keep up with them. Technology entrepreneur Jason Hope understands how difficult it can be on a first-hand basis. After starting his own mobile communications company, he went out into the market to discover the up-and-comers of the industry.

While Hope might be interested in building his extensive portfolio of companies, he is also committed to doing as much as he can for his consumers. His e-book, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is a wonderful example of this. Throughout the e-book, Hope discusses the Internet-of-Things, or IoT, and the important role that it will play in the future of consumers. With the IoT set to grow to a value of over 7 trillion in coming years with over 30 billion devices, it is best for consumers to become familiar with it sooner rather than later.

The IoT is essentially the internet of things, such as mobile devices, that are connected and communicate with each other over the internet. They provide a portal, so to speak, for their users and allow easy access to information. This technology can aid in better technologies that offer a more personalized experience and faster encounters so that the users have more time for other things. Another big thing that the IoT offers is automation. Automation will be important for businesses and increase productivity meaning it can change a lot throughout multiple industries. It seems like the future will be loaded with IoT enabled devices.

Jason Hope has spent a lot of his time climbing the ranks of the business world. Throughout that time, he has gained a plethora of valuable knowledge. He has gathered that knowledge together to create a very meaningful and lasting impression of the technology world that readers can apply to their lives immediately. Readers will not only strengthen their knowledge, but they will go into the IoT era with a confidence they will not see with any of their friends. Interested consumers can purchase his e-book today at Amazon.com and learn why the future is understandably IoT.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope

Jason Hope Donations Bring Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Research

In 2010 Jason Hope, a well-known entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and technologists donated $500,000 to SENs research Foundation. His donation was geared towards constructing the Cambridge SENs Laboratory as well as starting a new research program. In a statement after the contribution, Jason Hope indicated that he was privileged to have contributed towards the organization’s anti-aging research. He said that the donation would help cure degenerative diseases that make people age unnecessarily fast. He gave examples of lung diseases and Alzheimer’s disease saying that these disorders not only affect the lung and the brain respectively but also lead to premature aging.

AGE Breaker Program

With the donation, SENs foundation has developed AGE-breaker program. This marks a significant milestone as a drug has to be able to break down advanced glycation end (AGE) for it to qualify being called AGE-breaker. AGE is a metabolic waste that fastens degenerative process in the body. It is tied to age-related diseases such as osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. AGE leads to loss of elasticity of blood vessels and skin in aged people. These diseases are referred to as age-related as they are caused by the degenerative action of the body cells that happen at old age. Since there has been little research on these disorders, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based philanthropist felt that it is a sector worth investing.

Disappointing Results

Over the last few decades, AGE-breaking studies and treatments have failed. This failure has been attributed to the use of animals in the lab expecting the results to be replicated in human beings. Results in human have been very different to results in animals as the latter is short-lived. Additionally, animals and humans have distinct genetic makeup, and thus results cannot be easily replicated in humans.

Promising Results

Today, researchers have understood the difference between human and animal experiments and found glucosepane, a protein in human AGE that is thought to be a significant breakthrough. With the discovery of this protein, Jason Hope will go down in history as one of the philanthropists who donated towards this great invention. With this finding, researchers are expected to eliminate the AGEs that are present in degenerative diseases, consequently increasing the lifespan of people suffering from degenerative disorders.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an investor, futurist, philanthropist and entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is globally known for his passion towards charitable activities and technology. Hope holds a degree in finance from the Arizona State University. He also holds an MBA from the Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope is a great believer of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Jason Hope Info: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope

Jason Hope’s Career Prominence in the World of Technology

About Jason Hope

At the mention of Jason Hope, one is automatically redirected to the idea of Internet of Things. He is an entrepreneur, writer, strategist and visionary person who has been actively involved in a lot of business ventures. The Internet of Things refers to technology that allows devices to connect with each other. It helps connect devices that are used in daily life such as kitchen appliances, street lights, cars, and electronic devices. In essence, the Internet of Things (IoT) encapsulates the ability of devices to connect and share data using the same network to increase efficiencies and decrease waste.

As Jason Hope has explained, the Internet of Things has the potential to change the way we run businesses. In fact, it stands to become the single biggest advancement in the tech industry down the road. He looks forward to creating an opportunity to take technology to its next level of functionality. Currently, around 15 billion internet-connected devices are in use. The trend seems to grow annually, and it’s estimated that by 2020 there may be as many as 50 to 70 billion devices connected to each other.

Jason Hope’s endeavors go beyond business. He is also known for his achievements in the airline industry using IoT to improve customer service. Besides, he firmly believes in giving back to society. As such, Jason Hope assists budding high school entrepreneurs to achieve their long-term goals by mentoring and guiding them. He dedicates to helping the next generation of young entrepreneurs, scientists, and futurists to achieve their ambitious objectives. Jason Hope has experience in creating the latest mobile app technology, which allows him to ascertain which projects are likely to revolutionize how we work and play.

In 2010, Jason Hope pledged $500,000 million to SENS Foundation to support the organization’s mission to rejuvenate biotechnologies and fight age-related diseases. SENS Foundation looks forward to finding breakthrough for degenerative diseases that break down the body, such as Alzheimer’s. SENS Foundation is a research-based center focused on anti-aging technology and treatments. Jason Hope takes pride in his significant contribution towards the SENS Foundation. His core belief is that research and technology can transform the entire world. Over time, Jason Hope has earned a reputation as a skilled futurist. He leverages his knowledge to navigate the technology industry to predict future trends.

Based on the current trends in the world of technology, Jason Hope believes that the future of modern society will be defined by the power of the Internet of Things. Jason Hope grew up in Tempe and went to Arizona State University to pursue a degree in Finance. He also went to the ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he earned his MBA.