George Soros’ commitment to creating an Open Society

Billionaire philanthropist, George Soros, currently runs the second largest charity organizations in the United States. This is after he donated $18 billion dollars to his charity organization, Open Societies Foundation. Soros is globally renowned for his commitment to supporting liberal causes. He established his foundation in 1979, and its first project was to provided education grants to black South Africans who suffered discrimination under the apartheid rule. It also strived to advocate for equality and justice in different parts of the world. The Open Societies Foundation is now the world’s second-largest philanthropy after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was established by the Microsoft founder.

Before the donation, Soros was worth $23 billion and was ranked as the 20th person on the Forbes Magazine’s top 400 wealthiest Americans. Most of his fortune was acquired from the hedge fund sector. The 87 years old billionaire was born in Hungary and later moved the country to theU.K. He worked as a railway porter while pursuing a finance degree at the London School of Economics. The Open Societies Foundation has offered more than $14 billion to support democracy and human rights since 1984. George Soros has been transferring billions of dollars from his riches to the Soros Fund Management, which has invested in the foundation.

George Soros has been moving his money quietly to his foundation for years. He started Soros Fund Management in 1969, and it later grew into one of the most successful investment firms in the world. The billionaire was also involved in currency speculation in 1992, and he short sold the British pound. He earned about $1.5 billion from the Bank of England. Soros Fund Management was transformed into a family office and is currently in charge of handling Soros’ money. His company makes billion annually from handling investments and hedge funds. Read more at Fortune about George Soros.

The Democratic Party acknowledges Soros for the financial aid that he offers. He has supported the election bids of various Democratic politicians, and this has made him be criticized by the Republicans. George Soros was one of the vocal critics of the former president George W. Bush and even donated funds to several groups that opposed his regime. He has also been against the policies of the Trump administration. The philanthropist also contributed towards the re-election bid of President Obama in 2012. Hillary Clinton has been his major political beneficiary since he gave over $10 million to various PACs that supported her presidential campaigns in 2016. Read more about at

The Open Society Foundation currently owns divisions in New York, Brussels, Budapest, and London. It runs operations in about 140 countries across the world and has offered employment to 1,500 people. The annual budget of the organization is estimated to be about $940 million. Approximately 28 percent of its money is donated to support human rights and democracy. The distribution of the grants that are offered by the Open Societies Foundation is determined by 23 national and regional institutions that are managed by local boards. Soros grew up in a communist country, and he believes in transforming the world to offer equal opportunities to people.


Thor Halovorssen Is Working Hard To Ensure Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is one of the most prolific human rights activists right now. He is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and he works tirelessly to help free those individuals that suffer from oppression and tyranny due to the actions of those in power or corrupt government and dictators. He began his fight by helping his own family. Both of Thor’s parents were human rights activist. His mother was shot and killed during a peaceful protest in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez’s men were to blame for the incident that occurred at a peaceful protest. He later was able to free his father when he was captured and tortured in a prison after he exposed political corruption within the Venezuelan government.

After he was able to free his father, Halvorssen began to devote all of his time and energy to helping others in similar situations all over the world. He has personally traveled to distant locales and countries to negotiate for hostages as well as rescuing them. He has almost been captured himself on more than one occasion. Thor Halvorssen has also been the key driving force behind the annual Human Rights Oslo Forum which is an annual gathering of like-minded individuals that come together for a week of forums and festivities to help promote freedom and human rights to people all over the world.

Thor is also a political contributor to several network television stations. They seek his opinion on many political issues that the world and individuals face in today’s times. He has also authored several articles in magazines and newspapers. He works continuously to voice his opinions related to world issues and has gathered a team of talented individuals to assist in the work that he has undertaken to further human rights. for more.

Thor Halvorssen Looks To Create A Buzz With The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation was born in 2005 when Venezuelan-born activist Thor Halvorssen became disenchanted with the work being completed by the major human rights community organizations he felt were ignoring many of the major issues in the world. Halvorssen has developed the Human Rights Foundation to become a leading part of the activism community he explains follows the definition of human rights laid down by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and seeks to make an impact through a range of events developed to raise the profile of individual activists and the community as a whole. Thor Halvorssen LinkedIn .

Much of the work Thor Halvorssen and the small staff of just 12 at the Human Rights Foundation complete is done in secrecy as they have become known for assisting in the escape of political prisoners from restrictive regimes. As a Hollywood film producer, Thor understands the importance of creating buzz around the events the Human Rights Foundation has developed over the years; the University of Pennsylvania graduate Halvorssen has looked to use open letters as part of the major events of the Human Rights Foundation that include a 2011 event designed to halt the “Urban Outfitters” brand from using images of Che Guevara out of respect for those who died during the Cuban revolution.

Perhaps the best-known event the Human Rights Foundation has become known for is the annual Oslo Freedom Forum that has been called the most important event on the calendar for human rights activists. Thor Halvorssen himself plays a key role in creating the annual conference in Oslo where he feels the profile of many activists can be raised by the global exposure offered by this event. Individual events have also been created by Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation, such as the Hack North Korea event that brought together technology experts from around the world to discuss new ideas for moving information in and out of the closed borders of the communist nation.