Milan Kordestani Shows Grit, Passion And Determination

There is nothing scarier for a horseback rider than a bucking horse. Flying off your horse could mean serious injury or even death. Many riders that have been kicked off horses have a form of posttraumatic stress disorder which prevents them from ever riding a horse again. It takes true grit to get back up on the saddle. And that’s exactly what Milan Kordestani displayed as a young child.

Milan Kordestani is an amazing young man. He is currently a writer for the Huffington Post, a student in Northern California and the owner of an organic farm. He developed this determination for success during a critical fall off a horse as a child. The equestrian staff at his horse riding camp were absolutely astonished when he took back the reins to ride his bucking horse back to camp.

Undeterred, Milan Kordestani quickly developed a skill for riding horses. He has competed at horse championships all across the world. Most notably, he has placed in the top three in the first and third the legs of the Triple Crown. His highest achievement was second-place at the world championships where he rode his trusty horse named CH His Perfect Reflection. Milan Kordestani continues to compete in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure Division for his age range. He hopes to soon place first in the world championships.

He is currently focusing all of his attention on the organic farm that he founded. Milan Farms is a beautiful patch of land in Northern California where chickens roam free. These free-range chickens produce some of San Francisco’s best eggs. Milan Farms puts these eggs up for sale on the Internet where you can buy six or a dozen. It’s recommended that you order a subscription to get regular deliveries of this wholesome product.

His farm also produces saffron for some of the best restaurants in the San Francisco area. The saffron is grown out of microfiber sponges in a hydroponic manner. This allows Milan Farms to keep up with demand for the delicate spice. The farms continue to innovate better ways to cultivate its herbs.