Valentine’s Day: Diamonds or Screenings?

Diamonds are forever. But what good is forever if you’re not healthy? Maybe a Life Line Screening is the real sign of your love. Or maybe it’s just a nice way to say, “Hey, I care about you and want you to live a long time.” Either way, diamonds are forever, but a Life Long Screening is for a lifetime.

Because we’re talking about love here, let’s talk about heart health. Heart disease is still the number one killer in the US. Fortunately, Life Line Screening has some ways to check on the health of your or your love’s heart. With ultrasounds, finger prick blood tests, and a non-invasive EKG, you can be assured that if there’s something wrong they’ll find it.

Your arterial function can be compromised by heart disease. Cardiovascular disease can lead to anything from an aortic aneurysm to peripheral artery disease. It can also place you at risk for erectile dysfunction. A finger blood test can check your cholesterol level and inflammation markers in your blood which can be indicators of impaired arterial function.


Remember how diamonds are forever? Forever sounds great, but do you know what doesn’t? A broken hip because of osteoporosis. A Life Line Screening can detect a lack of bone density, which is a risk sign for osteoporosis. So while a diamond is pretty, walking is pretty significant.

Finally, maybe your sweetheart is a just a bit too sweet. Or maybe they’re just too great of a baker. Either way, diabetes is not something you or your sweetheart want to have. A glucose screening can help make sure you can still enjoy the fruits of both your labor.

Take the time to consider your next valentine’s day gift. Flowers are pretty, diamonds last forever, but a Life Line Screening says you care. Take care to show your love that you want them feeling their best for their whole life. View Page.

For more information, view Life Line Screening’s YouTube Channel.