Whitney Wolfe’s wedding at Ville Tre Ville

Whitney Wolfe has featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 and in the Elle’s women’s tech. She successfully created a dating site called bubble that has a wide following. She also the co-founder of tinder app. since the launch of Bubble two years ago, it has managed to gain 14 million users. The application will be upgraded to BumbleBizz and BumbleBFF to refine the search for a perfect mate. Whitney Wolfe grew up in Salt Lake Utah and attended South Methodist University where she earned a degree in international relations.

This year Whitney Wolfe and her longtime partner Michael Herd who like Whitney is a successful entrepreneur came together in matrimony for their dream wedding. Their relationship blossomed from a skiing trip which soon developed to this colorful event. They two started dating on Valentine’s Day and got engaged two months later. Michael later proposed to Whitney after she had visited him at his Texas ranch, Michael proposed to Wolfe after a horseback ride in the sunset of Texas.

It was during her trip to Italy that she was able to get a clear picture of her wedding. A friend of Whitney introduced her to Cynthia cook smith. Cynthia is one of the most remarkable wedding designers. She assisted her to pick up a wedding dress and actualizes the wedding event. Whitney and Michael chose Ville Tre Ville as their wedding venue due to its aesthetic beauty. On the rehearsal day, they started with the bride donning a Giambattista Valli dress in Capri. Guests arrived at the venue with boats while musicians on the water played Italian classical music. For the wedding, Michael and the groomsmen wore Isaia an Italian menswear who designs Tuxedos. As opposed to three days earlier, the morning of the wedding was full of heavy rainfall, and the wedding had to wait until the rain subsided.

The event resumed at around 3 pm, with all the guests having being seated at 7 pm and the ceremony began at 7:45pm.the venue provided the perfect aesthetics, from the flower field to the custom-made benches and the beautiful Positano view. For dinner, Beef Carpaccio with Burrata, sauce Ravioli and green Pezzogna with vegetables were all seated. The menu was served in custom-made tiles which impressed the couple so much they, requested for them after the wedding. The wedding, also made in the venue, consisted of Millefoglie with mini Fragoline and chantilly cream. After the meals, everyone retreated to the main Salone which had a hint of Syrian Moroccan d├ęcor. The couple danced till dawn while enjoying pasta, Caprese burgers with frozen Limoncello shots.

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