Doe Deere Never Gave Up On Her American Dream Before Lime Crime

One of the main reasons why people choose to immigrate to the United States is in the pursuit of the American Dream. Doe Deere is an immigrant of Russia who founded her own company in which she is also the Chief Executive Officer. This company is a popular makeup brand Lime Crime which is based in Las Angeles with 35 employers. While her first several years in America as a young woman may have been exceptionally difficult, she thanks the country for the opportunities she has had since she moved here at 17.

While Doe Deere may have been homeless for a large part of her first years in the United States, things are drastically different for her and her family now. Her younger sister and she moved to the United States from Izhevsk, Russia with their accountant mother. While the United States that they were first exposed to may have seemed to be a far cry from the America that she saw in magazines and movies, she worked hard to achieve the American Dream that she had spent so many hours thinking about in Russia, the homeless shelter, and the small apartment that she and her family later lived in.

When Doe Deere first arrived in the United States, she and her mother had plans to immediately start working. Unfortunately, she was unable to get her records of education from Russia and they found that the savings that they had been relying on did not last as long as they had expected it to. Even though her mother had extensive experience with accounting, it still wasn’t enough to get her a fair paying job right away.

Things changed for Doe Deere when she and her family were given the opportunities she had been hoping for. While the small apartment in the projects may not have been as glamorous as she envisioned, it was still home. By living a hard life, she learned to appreciate everything that she had worked so hard to achieve. The sketches she had been drawing in the homeless shelter led her to the opportunity to be educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the rest is part of Lime Crime History.

The Advice of Business Strategist Deirdre Baggot to Healthcare Providers

The Chronicle Week featured Deirdre Baggot in October 2018 advising healthcare providers to adopt Bundled Payments for Care Improvement-Advanced Initiative (BPCI-A). She is the senior vice president and practice leader for bundled payments with The Camden Group in El Segundo, California. Baggot brings years of experience in medical payment processing while holding executive leadership roles in academic healthcare, and medicare and medicaid services. Her prior experience includes working for Northwestern Memorial Hospital, University of Michigan Health System, CMS Acute Care Episode. She authored 20 plus essays on reforming healthcare and transforming payments for medical care. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot on Ideamensch

BPCI-A meets the qualifications for Advanced APM, including payments quality measure and participants supporting over the nominal amount of risks financially. Another qualification is the use of certified EHR technology compared to the requirements of MIPS. The bundled payment requires the payer to remit a determinate payment for services and care associated to the patient’s condition. Deirdre Baggot suggests providers immediately adopt CMS while it’s transforming to more quality and efficient risk payment models. She says Bundled Payments include a monetary incentive if physician groups meet the threshold of Quality Payment.

Physicians eligible within a group and participants of the BPCI-A program will receive the five percent yearly payment bonus. Bundled Payment is more efficient compared to traditional service fee processing that requires physicians to submit insurance claims. It will reduce excessive testing and treatment costs for providing care by hospitals, doctors, and specialists.

Deirdre Baggot said bundles are the fastest way to transition to care delivery that is value based and a payment system. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for BPCI Models 2-4 appointed her as an expert reviewer. She studied at Southern Illinois University, Loyola University Graduate School of Business, and the University of Colorado. Baggot earned a nursing bachelor’s degree, MBA, and a philosophy doctrine degree.

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Deirdre Baggot Role in Bundled Payment Plans

Deirdre Baggot is a woman on a special mission in the healthcare department. The medical professional has a passion for a career, and this is why she has been accomplishing so much in the recent years. While most women prefer to stay home and take care of their young children and families, Baggot has been doing her best to change the lives of people who come to seek treatment in medical facilities. Hospitals are essential in the lives of people. Without these facilities, it would be very difficult to access services when people are sick. When visiting these centers, people have to make some payment so that they can be attended to. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at Ideamensch

When practicing medicine in her country, the medic couldn’t help but notice that payment options were limited, and the professionals in this department needed more help so that they can have smooth transactions and attend more people. The businesswoman watched the struggles of the professionals working in the payment office, and she decided that she was going to be the face of innovation everyone wished to see. Deirdre Baggot has shown so much passion when dealing with bundled payment plans in the medical facilities, and she has taught many people how to use them so that they can have efficiency at the office.

Deirdre Baggot’s dream to change the healthcare payment plans did not start just the other day. The career woman had worked in various organizations after completing her studies, and this gave her the ability to learn more about bundle payments. Using the modern technology in this plan, the businesswoman realized that payments would be made easier by all parties. Many companies have embraced this technique, and fortunately, and they have registered the great results that are brought when the community embraces the modern technology. Baggot works with one of the leading healthcare companies in the US.

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How Susan McGalla Is Leading The Way To Make Women Leadership Possible.

As a matter of fact, not many C-level companies have endorsed women in high leadership positions. Despite statistics showing that companies which adopt gender diversity are like to outperform others with almost 15%, and 35% for those who adopt ethnic diversity. This is due to these companies’ openness to new ideas.

Women today are struggling to climb to those high positions in their workplaces. It is for that reason Susan McGalla has chosen to lead the way for women leaders. Her upbringing takes all the credit for her ability to work with both men and women. With a dad who was a football coach and two brothers, she had no option but work her way through whatever she wanted, something that has helped her to be where she is today.

When she was working with American Eagles Outfitters, Susan knew worked her way up to the position of a president. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she works with Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the vice president, despite the company being men dominated. Her confidence has seen her make admirable progress to all the envied ranks.

Women are limited to reach such heights due to the ancient glass ceiling problem. For years’ women have been trying to address the issue, through women leadership initiatives by offering support, providing a platform for sharing ideas, planning and strategizing, connect with other women, and identify latest business trends.

However, the problem still remains since these initiatives haven’t been able to address the hindrance for change to happen. And sadly, the lion’s share of the positions in the companies are still held by men while women only take a quarter of them, meaning that the initiatives haven’t gotten the solution yet.

So what now?

While there may be several other ways to crack the gender discrimination cycle in the companies, one of them is creating opportunities for sponsorship. Highly invested career women should locate an executive senior official to act as a sponsor. This sponsor can then be an advocate for women in the company through making recommendations for roles assignment and others. The sponsors would also act as mentors and motivators to women through the given incentive, encouraging even the male executives to work with these serious businesswomen. This way women can be able to rise up to high ranks in organizations just like McGalla. And businesses will be able to outperform others.

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