OSI Industries Flagship Acquisition Will Help With Grown

OSI Industries recently acquired Flagship Europe. They are using the company to help people realize they can expand to different areas and get more business than what they had in the past. Their dedication to their own growth has allowed them to grow more than what they expected to when the company first started. They also try to always grow in a way that is responsible. They want to be sustainable, make their business the best it can be, give great products and offer high levels of customer service to every customer they have brought on to their business.

In the food industry, sustainability was never an issue. In fact, companies that did not focus on sustainability are one of the biggest reasons there are sustainability problems with the food industry now. Businesses did not care about whether they were sustainable or not which led to them not being able to continue offering their products to the people who they were trying to serve. There are also many other issues associated with the environment caused by the food industry. If OSI Industries can continue on their path of sustainability, they can help avoid the environment becoming even worse in the future.

Along with their sustainability practices, OSI Industries is doing what they can to be the best company in the world. They want to be the sole food industry provider while they are working with businesses that need their help. They plan to continue expanding so they can help even more people with the issues they face. It is their goal to always give others what they can and give them the best options possible. As long as OSI Industries does what they can to keep growing, they can reach all the customers they have brought into the business.

The core focus of their business is customer satisfaction, but that doesn’t mean they lack anything in innovation. In fact, a big part of customer satisfaction is providing innovative products to all their customers. They want people to see they are an innovative company and they do what they can to try new products. They try to always give others what they need and that’s how they continue to come up with new ideas for their business. As long as OSI Industries knows what people want, they are confident they can provide it to them.

Since they are so focused on making sure their customers are happy, OSI Industries knows they have to do everything they can to keep them that way. They also know there are different things that will allow them the chance to give even higher levels of customer service. Satisfied customers come back and mean people will have a chance to see how well they are doing. OSI Industries wants to keep their customers satisfied so they don’t have to worry about anything. There are many positives that come from OSI Industries providing their customers with the best customer service experience. All of the positives give people a chance to keep using OSI Industries. OSI Group Expands Operations

OSI Food Solutions Expands Within The United States and Abroad

OSI Food Solutions is a packaged food company that is located in Aurora Illinois just outside of Chicago. They have over two hundred thousand employees in over sixty five facilities worldwide. OSI Food Solutions is known as one of the top hundred food companies in America.

OSI Food Solutions processes a wide variety of foods including meats and prepackaged sauces. Raw and prepared meats are available as well as dressings, sauces and sides. Recently OSI Food Solutions expanded their Toledo Spain facility by adding a high capacity production line. This high capacity production line has allowed the Spain facility to increase chicken production from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually.

In addition to the extensive processed chicken expansion, the Toledo Spain facility has also increased production of beef and pork along with chicken. This location is now producing more than 45,000 tons of processed meat products annually. The expansion of the processing line has also created expansion in employment. Twenty new line positions were added to the existing 140 positions. A product development management position was also created when the production line was expanded.

The OSI Food Solutions facility in Spain also thrives to create a sustainable building. The expansion of the building to accommodate the production line brought in new equipment that was able to drop energy usage by twenty percent. In 2016 the OSI Food Solutions location in Spain was awarded by the local Chamber of Commerce for its commitment to employment.

OSI Food Solutions acquired BOHO food group which also lead to a larger European influence. BOHO was a Dutch manufacturer or prepackaged deli meats and snacks. They had five subsidiaries throughout Germany and the Netherlands. BOHO serviced eighteen European countries. This acquisition has allowed OSI Food Solutions to reach a much larger European market while continually providing top notch customer service to their clients.

European countries are not the only target of expansion for OSI Food Solutions. In addition to their expansion in Spain and acquisition in Europe OSI also purchased the Chicago based Tyson facility in 2016. The Tyson facility in Chicago is a two hundred square foot facility that primarily focuses on the production of chicken based products. This acquisition allows for OSI to expand its Chicago area facility base. The continued expansion of OSI in numerous countries around the world helps provide customers with their culinary needs while expanding their own product base. etc

Former diplomat Daniel Taub travels to Bradford

Daniel Taub term as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom was marked as the greatest ever. The Jewish community living in the United Kingdom says that in the history of the diplomatic relations, the period between 2011 and 2015, when Daniel Taub served was the best. The Jewish community living in the United Kingdom gained a lot in terms of business growth.

Before his appointment, business was not very good. By the time he was leaving, trade had doubled, and the number of Jewish owned business in the United Kingdom had tremendously increased. In short, Israel was enjoying a cordial relationship with the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub had the advantage of having been born in the United Kingdom. To him, this was no new territory. He had spent his early life in the United Kingdom and only moved to Israel as a grown up. He was familiar with the United Kingdom, and it was not going to be hard for him to get the two countries working together.

The staunch orthodox Jew played his role so well that he accomplished results that had never been recorded in the history of the two countries partnership.

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and is love for diplomatic matter is second to none. His entire career was spent serving in the ministry of foreign affairs in the Israeli government. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel Taub’s term in office was however exposed to challenges. There were some changes he encountered when dealing with anti-Israeli activists in the United Kingdom. While he was serving his term, there was a boycott of Israel by the universities students’ organizations in the country.

The students’ bodies were protesting what they termed as Israeli use of excessive force in the Middle East. However, Daniel Taub disagreed with them but at the same time defended the students’ leaders from any form of punishment that the university wanted to hand them. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.co.il/ and http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/

Another case that happened when the MP for Bradford said that his area was an Israeli free zone. The action by the M.P did not go down well with the Jewish community who protested it and termed it as intolerance of the highest order.

Daniel Taub took action as the ambassador and traveled to Bradford as the ban was still in effect. He wanted to show the world that he would not accept discrimination of the Jewish community by a man who he termed as anti-Israeli. The M.P had already demonstrated his biases towards Israel for a long time.

Omar Boraie is Honored by the Senate

Omar Boraie has rightly been called the father of the city of New Brunswick. The New Jersey State Senate referred to him in this manner because of his hard work and achievements concerning the city of New Brunswick.

The New Jersey Senate rightly states that Omar Boraie resurrected the city of New Brunswick based on his grit and his determination. He dedicated his life and his resources to the city for the last 40 years. His dream was to make New Brunswick as great as any European city he visited during his travels.

Omar Boraie knew that in order to help New Brunswick become a thriving economic center, he would need to achieve four different things. The first thing he’d have to achieve is bringing a family community back to New Brunswick. The second thing he would need to succeed at doing was stabilize the job situation. The third thing he would have to succeed at doing was build a strong coalition of forces. The last thing he needed to do was strengthen the dying middle class. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie worked with churches and nonprofit organizations to build a family atmosphere in the city of New Brunswick. He agreed to give these churches and nonprofit organizations the funds they would need to host family building events. One nonprofit organization hosted a family fun night. This actually occurred over seven weeks span where they showed seven free movies to the public. 7500 families united together through this event. Check out pressofatlanticcity.com

Boraie Development also worked to stabilize the job market. Since New Brunswick was dying, jobs were leaving the area and other businesses were not coming in. Omar Boraie turned this around by working with the Johnson and Johnson Corporation to remain in the area and open additional factories. He also built commercial real estate and sold it for a fraction of a profit in order to bring in new businesses.

Omar Boraie built the necessary coalition by working with people such as the mayor, the City Council, and the state Senate. Working through this vast network, he created the necessary alliance that united the visions of each organization that New Brunswick was their priority.

Omar Boraie finished his work with New Brunswick by bringing back a strong middle-class. This occurred after he built high-class residential and office space was sold it for a starting professional salary. These competitive prices brought back the middle class.

See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/boraie-development

Paul Mampilly Enjoys Helping Others Achieve Success

Paul Mampilly has been the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016. Paul has found great joy in helping other people get a grasp on what it means to be successful. He learned his craft on Wall Street as a portfolio manager. Paul began his career there and soon moved forward to Deutsche Bank and ING. He played direct roles in managing multi million-dollar accounts while at the company. He was eventually recruited by Kinetics Asset Management to lead their hedge fund. The asset grew at an incredible rate. Eventually it reached 25 billion dollars under Paul’s management. Barrons recognized it as one of the world’s best hedge funds due to a 26% annual return.

Organizers of an investment competition solicited Paul for his participation. He entered the contest with an investment of $50 million dollars. Paul Mampilly was able to produce returns in one year of 88 million dollars. These achievements are significant because Paul was able to accomplish this during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis.

Paul soon developed an urge to step away from the Wall Street scene. He began to lose taste for helping the 1% get richer than they were. Mampilly retired from his investment role in order to reconnect with his family. However, Paul is not leading a sedentary life while in retirement.

Paul Mampilly’s new passion is showing the average person the tricks of the trade that make the super rich successful. He began a newsletter call Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. The letter became very popular as a research tool.

Profits Unlimited is a provider of information that allows the common investor to get in on some sophisticated knowledge. The publication allows him to reach a demographic that was out of his grasp on Wall Street. Paul is satisfied with removing himself from Wall Street and returning to the foundation of his craft.

Mampilly is very dedicated to the information he gives out and conducts extensive research in order to recommend the right stocks for his followers. He has a skilled team that helps him make decisions on various tasks and ideas. They conduct thorough research and investigation in order to get all of the details in perfect condition. This is the reason Paul is always confident that he is putting out information that will help the average person build a successful portfolio. Paul and his team are also able to generate real life scenarios in order to present a more clear image of how certain investment circumstances could workout.

For more  info: banyanhill.com/expert/paul-mampilly/

ID Life CEO Stepped Forward To Help Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

In the aftermath of the recent Hurricane Harvey, Logan Stout, the founder and CEO of the ID Life health and wellness company came forward to assist the hurricane’s victims. As a leading health and wellness company that offers high quality vitamins and supplements, ID Life regularly seeks to educate consumers about matters of health.

A recent article on the Gazette Day website tells of how Mr. Stout decided to temporarily shut his offices in order to concentrate on bringing relief supplies to those in need.

Within a few hours of the hurricane leaving the area, Logan Stout had begun collecting much-needed supplies, and his company’s offices were being used to store pallets filled with all sorts of donated goods. Mr. Stout realized that assembling a convoy of trucks and boats to transport the supplies to the affected areas was needed.

Due to the large amount of goods that were donated, there was an immediate need for volunteers to help load the convoy of trucks that were headed to Houston. Using social media, Mr. Stout put out a call for 200 volunteers.

Many social media users were eager to respond to the call, and be able to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Mr. Stout also made an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, informing viewers of relief efforts being made, and of the need for supplies.

As the CEO of ID Life, Logan Stout is a motivated and successful man who also wears several different hats. Among them are keynote speaker, entrepreneur, founder of a youth baseball organization, a best-selling author and philanthropist.

An article on the Reporter Expert website suggests that with his background as a professional baseball player, Logan Stout knows very well how effective it can be when people are working together as a team.

In addition to vitamin supplement and skin care products, ID Life offers Superfood snack and protein bars, protein shakes, flavorful energy chews and shots, and much more. With a free, confidential health assessment that customers can use on their website, the company can determine which supplements are just right for each person’s needs.

Learn More: www.facebook.com/IDLifeCorporate/

IDLife CEO Logan Stout’s Passion For Helping People Build Leadership

Logan Stout has built a successful franchise with IDLife. One of the reasons that he has built this franchise is so that he could help others. He is very interested and passionate about building lives. For one thing, he wants to help people develop different qualities that can really be helpful to their success in their business pursuits. Among the things that he wants to help people build is leadership skills. These are among the most important types of skills to build especially among entrepreneurs. For one thing, entrepreneurs are a lot different from employees in that they have to not only motivate themselves, but also motivate other leaders.

One of the things that Logan Stout has done was show people importance of building oneself. After all, if people don’t have themselves in order, then they are going to have a hard time dealing with other people. This is why Logan Stout wants people to get themselves to where they can handle their lives. It is important for people to have the right mindset before they continue on their path towards their goals. Fortunately, the website that Logan Stout has set up for his company has a lot of information that people need to move forward with.

Follow Logan Stout on LinkedIn

Logan Stout has also gone on plenty of interviews in order to give people the information and the insight they need to move forward with their goals. One of the many good things about Logan Stout is that he inspires entrepreneurs. He shows them that all they need is to be able to focus so that they can succeed at their goals. He is also willing to bring people in on the business that he has going in the health and wellness industry. All that is needed is some kind of vision that is going to help people.

Learn more about Logan Stout: http://mlmnation.net/047-logan-stout/

James Dondero Stretches Philanthropic Arm toward The Family Place Foundation

Highland Capital Management is one of the most innovator investment companies in the world right now thanks to the creative ways that CEO and founder James Dondero approaches his work. For years Highland Capital Management has been making waves in various industries ranging from healthcare to real estate and pretty much everything in between. Now Dondero and the rest of Highland Capital Management are making the news for something even greater: their support of The Family Place. The Family Place is a nonprofit that works to help address domestic violence within families. Dondero and Highland Capital are willing to match anyone up to 50% on donations, reaching all the way to $1 million dollars.


The Family Place Legacy Campaign has been focused on addressing family violence in the state of Texas for decades now. While The Family Place doesn’t get the headlines that it deserves as a dedicated non profit, residents of Texas fully recognize just how important their work is. the foundation was established in 1978 and since then they’ve been there to counsel nearly 225,000 clients over the years. During that time The Family Place has also provided shelter to 22,000 women and children as well as men who have all been directly affected by the dangers present in family violence.


Highland Capital’s gracious grant is looking to react to a request from the Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings. Mike Rawlings partnered up with David Brown, the Dallas Police Chief, in order to call for more help from within the community to address the issue of domestic violence within the community. Dondero wasn’t quiet about making his announcement of the $1 million donation grant by saying, “The civic community in Dallas gets things done.” Dondero went on to say, “We at Highland capital Management were impressed by the way the Family Place, through avid philanthropic support, took this concept from inception to the final stage of this campaign in just a year.”


With James Dondero heading Highland Capital and The Family Place fully embracing the grant it looks like many people will receive the lifesaving help that they desperately need.

Samuel Strauch Takes a Look at the Best Suburbs in the South of the USA

Metrik Real Estate is led by international businessman Samuel Strauch. Mr. Strauch founded Metrik after quitting his family business in 2002. His firm specializes in catering to clients found in South Florida and Latin America. Samuel Strauch is well known for his keen eye of the real estate markets and trends both at home in the USA and abroad. Below, Samuel Strauch outlines some of the hottest suburbs right now in the southern part of the United States of America.

One of the top ten suburbs that Samuel Strauch has highlighted on Norcal.News is a small but rapidly growing town called Apex. Apex is located outside of Raleigh, which is the capital city of North Carolina. Strauch says that Apex is one of the best suburbs in the country right now that is located in the southeast because of its high quality of life. Click here to know more.

It is also located in an area that is well known for its abundant job opportunities. In addition to the city of Raleigh, Research Triangle Park and the city of Durham are located within a commuting distance. Apex has also been ranked the number one best place to live in 2015 because of its parks, schools, job opportunities and affordable housing.

Another top ten suburb in the country that is located in the southern part of the USA is called Murfreesboro. This town is expanding and already has lots of job opportunities for people planning to move there. Murfreesboro is located outside of Nashville, Tennessee. The big draw of Murfreesboro is that the housing there is significantly less expensive.

Samuel Strauch says that the suburban neighborhood of Williamsburg is especially attractive in Murfreesboro. The average price there is just under $300,000. A decent home within Nashville, Tennessee will cost around $420,000, so Murfreesboro is a real bargain for house hunters.

Learn more about him: https://about.me/samuelstrauch

Eric Pulier’s Persistence towards the Future

Eric Pulier is a technologist and entrepreneur. He is also an accomplished publishing author, philanthropist, and public speaker. Eric has founded more than 15 companies and sold his latest company fetching $350 million. Pulier is widely recognized for his successful entrepreneurial skills and innovation. He is an expert in entrepreneur technology, and many instances turned small ideas into multi-million enterprise.


His innovation has helped him transform startups with millions in capital. The millions raised have helped build and undertake various ventures such as a restaurant in Santa Monica and California. He is an inspiration to many upcoming entrepreneurs with his ability to turn innovative ideas into large businesses.


According to Eric Pulier, philanthropy helps make a worthy contribution to the society. It also gives one joy and peace when they can see the change that their actions have brought in the lives of ordinary people. Pulier is an example of a combination of successful entrepreneurship and leadership. He believes that true success comes when a person invests on their purpose. To realize greater success one has to be persistent and work hard.


Misguided attention in business can breed depression when results are not realized. This requires a lot of patience and objectivity in business. Insanity can be sanity to some people depending on how they work.

According to puller, entrepreneurs should surround themselves with smarter, better and goal driven people. Above all, an entrepreneur should believe in themselves and their aims. This will help them put more effort to achieve success.


Change is coming, and prospecting investors should embrace it rather than being frightened. They should take up the challenge to improve and come up with better ideas. When other people see something as impossible, look at it as a slight obstacle.

In business, innovations will help an investor stay ahead of other competitors. It also encourages reinventing the way something is being perceived in the world. In most cases, innovations turn into brilliant ideas that bring much success in the business. A businessman should be willing to innovate, create something from nothing and turn dreams into reality.