Online Reputation – The Statistics Speaks For Itself

The search results are critical and important these days because it is what helps us businesses achieve sales, market their product effectively, and help manage online reputation in general. Higher the page rank is considered as higher the online reputation. It is why there is so much interest among the businesses as well as individuals to improve their rankings on the search engine result pages and achieve higher ranks. The impact of higher rankings in today’s world just cannot be ignored, and it is all about the greater numbers.

Previously, people had to rely on Yellow Pages for search results, but today, people search everything on Google and believe what they see, almost always. The search engine results are used to make critical decisions. Before meeting anyone, people mostly have created a mental impression about the individual by researching on him/her online. The numbers related to how the search results are influencing some areas signifies its importance.

According to, around seventy-five percent of the Human Resource Departments research does the online search and profiling of the candidates before they hire. What they find about the prospective candidates online significantly impacts whether to hire the candidate or not, and over 85 percent of the HR officers says that positive information about the candidates has influenced their decision to hire the candidate.

For companies hiring executive level candidates, the online search is done over ninety percent of the time and affects the decision almost always. Adverse information on the internet can decrease the chances of the candidate being hired drastically. The screening of the candidates is done via social media networks. Over sixty percent of the companies do a screening of their candidates through the social media.

Close to 42 percent of the adults in the United States Google, the people they would be prospectively doing business with. The results influence their decisions as to whether they should go ahead and do the business or not.

These factors make it clear that people should try and monitor their online reputation and manage it using various methods available to ensure they remain competitive and have a healthy image online.

Why it’s Impossible to Ignore VTA Publications

VTA Publications is a publishing company started in the year 2012. The company commands a huge market share composed of distance learning courses. It is currently bragging of a huge client base across the globe. Besides offering distance learning courses, VTA Publications Limited organizes events and offers catering services.

The company’s mission is to provide exemplary services to its customers. Through the use of a cutting-edge technology featuring advanced communication system, the company is looking forward to recruiting more people into its service portfolio. According to the CEO Jim Hunt, customers can access high-quality information digitally and physically in different economic and financial fields.

Under the able leadership of Jim Hunt, the team at VTA Publications aims to control the market with its expertise and excellent customer support. The team has all it takes to provide investment tips and strategic outlines to enable people to invest safely. The company has its headquarters in the UK with branches spread across the globe.

About Jim Hunt

CrunchBase makes the case that Jim Hunt is a brilliant individual who has proved that it is possible to outwit professionals if you are armed with the tricks of doing things, especially in the financial industry. A slight glimpse at his background reveals a series of environmental and social factors that have shaped him into who he is today. He did not start his entrepreneurship career in a conventional manner. He tread on a different path and eventually ended in the same spot like other entrepreneurs.

Jim has made a name for himself in financial circles. His prowess in the stock market analysis is unmatched. His ability to make quick and prudent decisions has made him a number one adviser to aspiring investors and large corporations. Besides being a financial expert, Jim is a web developer, a writer and a consultant. He is one of the founding members of Wealth Wave and Make Mum a Millionaire. He uses these programs to build strategies that can help pinpoint potentially lucrative markets for investors. Jim has a website where he interacts with people. One can also catch up with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Securus Technologies Shames Unethical Telecom Company

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, and provides technology solutions for civil and criminal justice and public safety systems in the area.  Recently, Securus Technologies announced that it would be releasing a series of articles highlighting ethical wrongs committed by Global Tel Link (a.k.a. “GTL”), a telecommunications company in the industry that has long been a provider of telephone service to prison inmates. Securus hopes to shame GTL into adopting higher standards and more ethical business practices, and I have to say that it is about time.

The first article released by Securus highlights a 1998 report from the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC), in which the LPSC finds that GTL was guilty of fraudulently altering telephone clocks to add extra seconds to calls, charging higher rates than the law permitted, and double-billing for calls, among other things. Securus acknowledges that these transgressions were committed 18 years ago, but makes the salient point that the Enron and Bernie Madoff scandals are also dated, and the passage of time has done nothing to reduce the seriousness of those matters. Today, no one would do business with Enron or Madoff.

That experience has allowed me to realize that inmates cannot be lumped into a category, labeled, and then left behind. Many inmates are good people who have made bad decisions. The families and friends who visit them and call them are their lifeline, and for a company defraud one of society’s most vulnerable populations by taking advantage of that lifeline is inexcusable. I am glad that Securus is taking steps to shine the light on GTL’s business practices. If you’d like more information on Securus Technologies, you can find it here and here.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Eric Pulier: A Modern Entrepreneur

Throughout the 21st century, we have known a select group of persons whom have genuinely changed our world for the better. One of these persons is undoubtedly Eric Pulier.

Mr. Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey in the late 1960s. His interest for technology took off at an early age; he began programming computers while he was still in elementary school. By the time he was in high school, he had started his own computer programming company. His education continued at Harvard University in 1985 where he majored in English and American Literature while also attending classes at MIT for computer science and visual and environmental studies.

Pulier’s prestigious academic career and extensive work experience caught the eyes of both former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore, who hired him to head their project titled “Bridge to the 21st Century.” This project, held in 1997 at the Mall in Washington D.C., was an exhibition-style event that showcased various exponential technologies and how these technologies may affect certain aspects of life in the future. Specific subjects such as health care, education, space exploration, and government were widely discussed during the event. An especially noted event that took place during the multi-day exhibition was a live-feed from a space shuttle in which Pulier provided dialogue between himself and the shuttle astronauts in real-time setting.

To this day, Mr. Pulier is credited with founding over fifteen companies, including Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, and Akana. He also currently holds a chair on the innovation board for the X-Prize foundation, which is an organization dedicated to solving many of humanities greatest issues. It is certain that humanity will continue to benefit from Mr. Pulier’s continued ventures.

John Goullet And The Beginnings Of Diversant

Diversant is a fully certified minority owned business empire. Diversant is the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in all of United States. Diversant has a different way of doing IT staffing. All of their services and products are based on original best-in-practice methods. They use a consultative approach to engage the clients and they turn their clients into business partners. They are able to help solve their clients most difficult issues and they do more than just supply IT staff. They give their clients quality employees that know all the skills that they need to get the job done in the most efficient and practical way.

Diversant operates under a set of guiding principles and they strive to provide the best level of service to their customers and to their consultants. Diversant is a company that truly believes in the power of diversity. They focus on the satisfaction of their clients and all of their solutions and services are designed to accommodate the client needs.

The core values of Diversant are the following: respect for others, discipline, teamwork, ethical behavior, and professional development. Diversant strives for diversity in all of its forms, because they believe that diversity encourages creative thinking, fosters innovation, and it leads to more efficient problem-solving. For that reason, Diversant is a company that is powered by difference.

John Goullet is an original entrepreneur. John Goullet was able to spearhead many successful business ventures in the IT sector. Goullet began his career as an IT consultant, and later on he founded Info Technologies. Info Technologies was a staffing company that focused on providing IT solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

In 2010 Goullet merged with Gene Waddy and they formed Diversant incorporated. These two innovative men were able to develop new ways to meet the challenges that were facing the ever evolving IT market. Now John serves as the principal executive for Diversant.

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