Malcolm CasSelle: An Insider In The Virtual Asset Trading Community

Blockchain technology seems to be appearing in the headlines of every major publication that focuses on the evolution of digital technology. While many individuals do not grasp the implications that decentralized technology hold for various industries around the world there is a man who does. That man is Malcolm CasSelle.

Malcolm CasSelle is well known and respected in the digital technology industry. He originally received his formal education from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that he completed the requirements in order to graduate and receive his Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He then applied to and was accepted by Stanford University. During his time at Stanford University, he furthered his education in computer science and was able to graduate with a Master’s degree in computer science. After completing his formal education, Malcolm CasSelle was already well-versed in a number of aspects that would enable his later success in the digital technology industry.

Malcolm CasSelle quickly experienced success as a venture capitalist when he was able to recognize the opportunity that early investment in companies such as Facebook and Zynga presented to him. The success that he experienced as an early investor in these companies only spurred on his development as a leader for the digital technology industry.

Malcolm CasSelle later went on to help several startup companies in the digital technology industry. Some examples of the companies that he helped during the startup phases of their lives are Xfire, Tencent, and MediaPass.

By the time he was finished helping these startup companies become successful Malcolm CasSelle was able to enter key leadership positions in some of the world’s largest and most respected digital technology companies. Today he is the chief investment officer for one of the world’s largest online centralized marketplaces Opskins that allows the exchange of virtual assets. He has also founded and become the president of his own company which promises to revolutionize the industry of virtual asset trading by implement and decentralized technology. This Corporation is named Worldwide Asset Exchange. The company is based on the same technology that bitcoin uses, blockchain technology.

The Internet of Things: Jason Hope’s Predictions for the Future of Technology

In recent years, a new technological concept has dawned with society’s increased use of the internet called the Internet of Things. Technological innovators seek to link everything in daily life using the Internet of Things, citing convenience and increased safety as prime reasons to embrace the new developments.

Jason Hope, philanthropist and the best technology entrepreneur, shared his expert views on the Internet of Things, and he anticipates great societal changes with the wave of apps that can connect every appliance in your kitchen to your cell phone, laptop, desktop, and tablets. According to an article on Engadget by Jesse Boskoff, Hope foresees the technology improving the safety and efficiency of trains and buses in public transportation. A constant connection to everyday tools has the potential to alert people when problems arise, avoiding accidents and tragedies.

Another interesting point covered by Hope regarding the Internet of Things is the possibility of healthy but fiery competition between companies developing technologies for their products as well as those developing the apps that use the new coveted technology. The compatibility between products and apps, like televisions and remote controls, will have to be negotiated and developed, creating the concept that all devices around the world should communicate with one another in a universal fashion.Hope does not deny the technology of the Internet of Things exists today. He views the technology to turn the lights off in your house from work or wirelessly connect a tablet to a printer as convenience, but he hopes it grows into a necessity for the world of technology.

Jason Hope, American online entrepreneur and respected technology authority, spreads the focus of his work into areas of life beyond technology, although he has become known as a dedicated futurist. He is heavily involved in philanthropic work with foundations such as SENS Research Foundation which focuses on human aging and preventing negative effects of aging such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and diabetes.Hope invests in technology, the future, and humanity from his home base of Scottsdale, Ariz., reaching out to others through internet resources to join many of his philanthropic causes.

What You Never Knew about Rona Borre

Rona Borre is a leader in the industry

Rona Borre is the Founder and CEO of Instant Alliance. She is recognized as one of the top female entrepreneurs in Chicago. Rona founded Instant Alliance in 2001 and has steered the company to become recognized nationally as a successful business enterprise owned by a woman. Rona serves on several boards where she holds leadership positions as a leader in the community of Chicago. Some of these include The Young Presidents Organization, the Economic Club of Chicago, and The Chicago Network. Instant Alliance has been able to become a household and has gained a reputation as a very reliable and efficient enterprise under her leadership.  Source:


The National Association of Women Business Owners and the Business Ledger has honored Rona as an Influential Woman in Business.  Rona Borre is a leader in the industry of human capital. She has been featured by CBS 2 Chicago, CNBC, CNN, Crain’s Chicago, and USA Today. The Enterprising Women Magazine acknowledged Rona as the Enterprising Woman of the Year. Her agency has also been awarded several accolades. Rona Borre holds a BS in Business which she earned from the University of Arizona.

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Rona is recognized for her passion in assisting companies to achieve their goals and missions by matching them with the best of talents. Her contributions to the community of Chicago have made her be recognized in the whole of US and beyond. She is termed as a hard working woman who believes in teamwork and bringing the best out of a person. She attributes her success to discipline, passion, hard work, and commitment.

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