How Susan McGalla Is Leading The Way To Make Women Leadership Possible.

As a matter of fact, not many C-level companies have endorsed women in high leadership positions. Despite statistics showing that companies which adopt gender diversity are like to outperform others with almost 15%, and 35% for those who adopt ethnic diversity. This is due to these companies’ openness to new ideas.

Women today are struggling to climb to those high positions in their workplaces. It is for that reason Susan McGalla has chosen to lead the way for women leaders. Her upbringing takes all the credit for her ability to work with both men and women. With a dad who was a football coach and two brothers, she had no option but work her way through whatever she wanted, something that has helped her to be where she is today.

When she was working with American Eagles Outfitters, Susan knew worked her way up to the position of a president. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she works with Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the vice president, despite the company being men dominated. Her confidence has seen her make admirable progress to all the envied ranks.

Women are limited to reach such heights due to the ancient glass ceiling problem. For years’ women have been trying to address the issue, through women leadership initiatives by offering support, providing a platform for sharing ideas, planning and strategizing, connect with other women, and identify latest business trends.

However, the problem still remains since these initiatives haven’t been able to address the hindrance for change to happen. And sadly, the lion’s share of the positions in the companies are still held by men while women only take a quarter of them, meaning that the initiatives haven’t gotten the solution yet.

So what now?

While there may be several other ways to crack the gender discrimination cycle in the companies, one of them is creating opportunities for sponsorship. Highly invested career women should locate an executive senior official to act as a sponsor. This sponsor can then be an advocate for women in the company through making recommendations for roles assignment and others. The sponsors would also act as mentors and motivators to women through the given incentive, encouraging even the male executives to work with these serious businesswomen. This way women can be able to rise up to high ranks in organizations just like McGalla. And businesses will be able to outperform others.

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Get to Know the Investment Guru: Matt Badialli

As an astute investor, you want to see that you invest in the areas that will give you high returns and are safe. Although it is all about taking risks, you do not want to go risking blindly; you need to have facts on why the investment you are about to pour all your savings is valid. This is why only a few people invest in natural resources. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badialli has assisted many investors to learn on the investment of natural resources through his newsletter in Banyan Hills. Matt Badialli is very enlightened in the sector because of his educational background and ten years’ experience in the field.

Matt Badialli began his journey as a scientist. He attended Penn State University, where he studied earth sciences and later went to Florida Atlantic University, where he acquired a Masters in Geology. Matt Badialli did not stop here, he went to the University of North Carolina, to get a Ph.D. In 2004, a learned friend introduced him to finance.

The friend had a Ph.D. in finance, and he wanted them to work together to advise the average American in investment. Matt Badialli had watched his father struggle in the investment world in making valid ventures. He, therefore, wrote all the pieces with his father in mind.

Since he began his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, in 2017 with Banyan Hills, he has attracted loyal readers. His advice helps them in making their investment careers, and they have good returns. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunbchbase.

Matt Badialli has a daily routine that he follows. Matt Badialli wakes up at 6:30 a.m. to take his breakfast and see his daughters off to school. He then takes a cup of coffee as he watches the Weather Channel and Bloomberg. He gets to his office by 8 a.m. Matt says he writes in the first two to three hours of the day because that is when he is fresh and focused. He then watches the latest news and replies to emails after writing. He researches on the firms that they are working with as well as the companies they are planning on adding to their portfolio. After taking lunch, he reads, attends meetings and receiving calls.

Matt Badialli has been through rough paths as well. He says that his worst job was as an environmental geologist in Miami. He was required to collect samples of all dirt in the city. It was both a dirty and dangerous job. His, however, grateful because it is these conditions that led him to go back to school. Hadn’t he gone to school, he couldn’t have the job that he truly loves.


OSI Industries Flagship Acquisition Will Help With Grown

OSI Industries recently acquired Flagship Europe. They are using the company to help people realize they can expand to different areas and get more business than what they had in the past. Their dedication to their own growth has allowed them to grow more than what they expected to when the company first started. They also try to always grow in a way that is responsible. They want to be sustainable, make their business the best it can be, give great products and offer high levels of customer service to every customer they have brought on to their business.

In the food industry, sustainability was never an issue. In fact, companies that did not focus on sustainability are one of the biggest reasons there are sustainability problems with the food industry now. Businesses did not care about whether they were sustainable or not which led to them not being able to continue offering their products to the people who they were trying to serve. There are also many other issues associated with the environment caused by the food industry. If OSI Industries can continue on their path of sustainability, they can help avoid the environment becoming even worse in the future.

Along with their sustainability practices, OSI Industries is doing what they can to be the best company in the world. They want to be the sole food industry provider while they are working with businesses that need their help. They plan to continue expanding so they can help even more people with the issues they face. It is their goal to always give others what they can and give them the best options possible. As long as OSI Industries does what they can to keep growing, they can reach all the customers they have brought into the business.

The core focus of their business is customer satisfaction, but that doesn’t mean they lack anything in innovation. In fact, a big part of customer satisfaction is providing innovative products to all their customers. They want people to see they are an innovative company and they do what they can to try new products. They try to always give others what they need and that’s how they continue to come up with new ideas for their business. As long as OSI Industries knows what people want, they are confident they can provide it to them.

Since they are so focused on making sure their customers are happy, OSI Industries knows they have to do everything they can to keep them that way. They also know there are different things that will allow them the chance to give even higher levels of customer service. Satisfied customers come back and mean people will have a chance to see how well they are doing. OSI Industries wants to keep their customers satisfied so they don’t have to worry about anything. There are many positives that come from OSI Industries providing their customers with the best customer service experience. All of the positives give people a chance to keep using OSI Industries. OSI Group Expands Operations

Dr. Kamil Idris Is Bringing An Economic Boost In The IP Market

Dr. Kamil Idris is a Sudanese statesman and Director General with World Intellectual Property Organizations, based in Geneva, also known as (WIPO). With the way everything is revolutionizing today in this digital age, and how easy the access to the Internet is globally, company executives across the globe are aware of risk regarding IP theft, and through Kamil Idris and the World Intellectual Property Organizations, he assist these companies when it comes to protecting their intellectual property rights, since IP is a very vital part of development for a company’s growth.

Dr, Kamil Idris attended the University of Ohio, where he received his Masters degree in International Law and International Affairs. Befor Idris began working for World Intellectual Property Organizations, he served in the Sudanese Foreign Service as a Professor of International Law and Ambassador, and in Geneva, Dr. Kamil Idris served in the Permanent Mission to Sudan with the United Nations. He has been a major factor in coordinating and speaking for the group as a whole, regarding issues that have an affect on people on a international scale.

With just a click of a mouse, piracy has become an issue while copyrights are infringed upon by individuals who takes original creativity from an already established source with the idea, and portray as if the idea originated with them.
So what Dr. Kamil Idris does is help cut down on the making of counterfeit products, by bringing awareness and education to companies who might not at first recognize the issue, by establishing minimum levels of protection for the copyrights of the originators material.

Kamil Idris, thru the World Intellectual Property Organizations has been able to utilize science and the latest technology to review patent documents, as a result of improved communications by affordable training and programs that they have in place, creating an even more economic boost and technological development. Their training regarding intellectual property has reached new levels, with companies wanting to keep experiencing smooth transitions with the products that they patent.

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Agora Financial Gives Clients What They Need to Succeed

Agora Financial always works to make sure their clients get the best opportunities possible. They try to show them how things will get better and what they need to do to make their own investment options better. The company has relied on how they can help people for years and that’s what sets them apart from other companies that have similar options. Agora Financial is different because they know how much they can help people and they use that to make things easier on their clients. If they know how to invest, they are confident they can give the right investment advice.When Agora Financial first started in Baltimore, they prepared to help people through different investment opportunities.

They had a lot of advice they used and gave it to people so they could get better with different options. The company knows there are other things that will work for them and other things that will give them what they need. After they first started the business, Agora Financial learned they could grow while also making their clients feel better about the investment opportunities they had. Agora Financial has a unique advantage in that they know what clients are looking for.If Agora Financial stopped doing what they do with investments, people would worry about the issues that come from investing. They may also not function on their own for the right investments.

Even though there were some issues with the right investments, Agora Financial knows they can do things right on their own. They also know everything will get better as long as they’re giving the community what they need. Thanks to Agora Financial, there are positive opportunities everywhere they go and with everything they’re supposed to do. The company does their best to give people what they’re looking for.The investment world always changes, but Agora Financial knows that. They know they have to stay on top of their game if they plan to be relevant in the industry. They want others to understand they are trying their best no matter what. Thanks to Agora Financial, people make more money. They know what it takes to make good investments and Agora Financial supports that with everything they do. The company continues to grow so they can show people how things will get better. They want the business to be the best it can so others know what they’re looking for on their own.

Desiree Perez Makes Headlines at Roc Nation

Desiree Perez enjoys keeping herself away from the public eye. That privacy was disturbed last year when Billboard Magazine named the COO of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation music conglomerate as one of the music industry’s most powerful executive. The New York City native is known to those in the industry as one of the most intelligent and fiercely competitive executives in the business, but she likes to keep to herself.

Des, as she is called by those who know her, has been a very close friend and business advisor to Jay-Z for over 20 years. He has kept her close to him through all of his business dealings and is though to trust her opinion in all things. She helped him run his previous company, SC Enterprises for nearly 10 years. Prior to that, Des was a successful manager of many New York night clubs and music venues. When Jay-Z formed Roc Nation there was no doubt that Perez was going to play a big role in the venture. She was named COO of Roc Nation in 2009 and the rest is history.

Des is known by all in the entertainment industry as a tough negotiator who has a ‘take no prisoners’ approach to business. She has been the lead negotiator in most of Roc Nation’s dealings over the past decade, and helped secure deals for Rihanna with Samsung and for Beyoncé’s Foundation Stadium. She took over for the company’s new music streaming service, TIDAL, in 2016. She made immediate new when, in January of 2016, she led negotiations with Sprint for one-third of TIDAL. The deal cost Sprint $200 million and gave TIDAL lone access to its 45 million subscribers.

Des Perez will continue to keep herself out of the public spotlight but it will become increasingly difficult as she makes headlines with her business success.


Class Dojo Promotes A Social And Emotional Classroom Environment

Class Dojo is an technology centered education company that aims to help students learn. The company does this by creating various technologies and educational materials that can help teacher educate students who have grown up using computers. The company does this by making technology that helps teacher teach students how to use modern communications technology, how to have greater access to both students and parents, and by creating a social and emotional bond between educators and students.

Class Dojo has the major advantage of addressing the problem of trying to use a traditional classroom to teach students who are living in a technologically connected world. This creates an environment where students may not be connecting education with technology, and they may view traditional teaching methods as something that does not have much connection to the modern world. Class Dojo creates ground-up change by enabling students and teacher to communicate through the means that most people communicate today.

Class Dojo means that students and teachers can communicated on a regular basis. The app is easy to use, and it makes it easier than having to log onto a communications portal or an email account. This is extremely useful when communicating with parents and students who may not regularly use email. Instead, students and parents only to click on an app in order to check messages and communicate with a teacher. The app notifies parents of messages. This allows them to always know what assignments their students have. The Class Dojo app even has the potential to be used for parent teacher conferences. This allows teachers to have more than just a couple conferences a year.

Finally, Class Dojo creates a social and emotional environment that make students feel connected to their education. This is especially useful for students who feel that they don’t fit into school and may need a teacher to communicate that they are interested in their education. The social and emotional environment allows students to communicate with each other. This helps students gain the technology connected social skills that are becoming extremely important in business and social life.

Robert Ivy Rallies for Architecture Community

     Robert Ivy currently serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), having been appointed CEO in 2011. AIA is an organization of architects, spanning from 250 chapters with 90,000 members, with a mission to enhancing and improving the built environment.

Robert Ivy earned his Bachelor of Arts (cum laude) from The University of South in 1969, having specialized in English and minoring in French. He continued his education at Tulane University where he received his Masters of Architecture in 1976. Robert Ivy established his career at McGraw-Hill Companies where he spent 15 years as Editor in Chief/Architectural Record where he served as head of the world’s leading architectural journal. He was promoted to Vice President/Editorial Director for the next 15 years where he lead MH Construction design and construction publications.

Having joined AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy’s main goal has been to increase the awareness, value, and relevance of architects. He builds Association relations internally and externally through advocacy, public outreach, and education initiatives. Doing so helps members engage and serve their clients and networks within an era of challenge and change.

Ivy is the writer/author of Fay Jones: Architect , a definitive biography that is now in its third edition. He also frequently speaks to audiences about the role and meaning of architecture in our daily lives.

Ivy has partnered with the Huffington Post to publish four articles via a blog regarding architecture. His most recent blog, Architects of Health, in which he introduces design thinking. Ivy states that innovative solutions to the obesity epidemic can derive from design and health. He believes that through more education (e.g. intertwined in curriculum), can ultimately encourage health-centered design neighborhoods an cities. The collaboration of education, design, and health can provide a new generation of public health professionals and design professionals. Ivy advocates for more programs to facilitate this collaboration. You may check all four Ivy’s Huffingtonpost blogs.

To learn more about American Institute of Architects (AIA), their mission, and architects behind the organization, see

Todd Lubar’s rise to success in the real estate industry

Todd Lubar is president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC.

Todd attended Syracuse University and graduated in 1995 with a B.A. in speech communication, then entered into the real estate industry with Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995. While in the mortgage industry his interest in real estate first arose. There, in providing loans for homebuyers he saw the value of reselling properties. He then successfully entered into the real estate investment property business and from there went into real estate development, dealing with more than 200 properties within about six years.

Twelve years after entering the real estate industry, Todd Lubar recognized a niche of underserved clients and formed Legendary Financial LLC as a commercial lending source for both individuals and companies. Todd’s involvement in over 7000 transactions helped him analyze the overall risk of virtually any loan scenario.

He uses positive motivation with his teams and tries to make staff feel they are on an even playing field; Todd believes that one cannot be successful in business without also being successful personally.

From his own experience, Todd Lubar believes in helping others get a second chance to make their own pathways to success, which helps build loyalty within a team, engendering trust and ultimately long-term success. He says that he is motivated by fear, noting that when he was in the mortgage industry he had to be very vigilant in order to close the deal and thus be compensated. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Todd enjoys working with a team and fostering the noteworthy skills of each member so as to enhance those talents, rather than working to improve any area of weakness they may have. Todd Lubar’s long term goal is to create an autonomous, efficient business team that does not need his constant involvement, so that he has time to pursue other revenue-gaining interests.

Todd defines successful leaders as showing confidence in others, delegating work to others, facing challenges with a positive attitude and being honest, which is essential to gaining trust and demonstrating the skills needed to lead. You can visit their Instagram page.

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Larkin & Lacey

When Joe Arpaio received a pardon from President Donald Trump, destroying any possibility of America’s most polarizing law figure spending any time behind bars, the citizens of Maricopa County responded with an outcry, as he has long made a trend of escaping punishment for his crimes. Susan R. Bolton, United States District Judge, signed off on President Trump’s decision, making the action official.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, longtime foes of Joe Arpaio and the policies that were enacted during his reign, took to the media to express their disdain. This seems to be just another chapter in the longstanding saga between the former New Times Media executives, and “Sheriff Joe.”

Prior to his failure to garner reelection, Joe Arpaio spent 24 years as the Sheriff of Maricopa County, during which, he implemented a number of policies that consistently violated the constitutional rights of his citizens, and on many occasions, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s publication, Phoenix New Times reported on his actions.

About ten years ago, Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent his deputies to arrest Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, accusing them of disclosing information concerning an ongoing grand jury investigation. The grand jury was actually investigating Larkin and Lacey, as well as their subscribers – a fact that they chose to publish in Phoenix New Times.

The arrest was almost immediately deemed to have been executed under false, and possibly illegal pretenses and the newspapermen were let go. After the false arrest, Larkin and Lacey took Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department to court, eventually winning an award of $3.75 million, which they used to create the Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund is dedicated to protecting the rights of Latino Americans living in Arizona, as they were systemically violated under the orders of Joe Arpaio.

In 1970, after witnessing the aftermath of the Kent State shootings, Michael Lacey decided that it was time for him to get involved in the fight against conservative representations of news in America.

Joined by Karen Lofgren, Frank Fiore, and Hal Smith, the group of anti-war supporters launched the inaugural issue of Phoenix New Times to noteworthy acclaim.

Throughout the decade, the complexion of the magazine would remain true to the social and political issues that motivated its inception, but there were also a number of new innovations, such as the implementation of satirical cartoons, as well as personals ads, and “best of” issues.

After a series of peaks and valleys throughout the 1970’s, including a period where Larkin and Lacey lost control of Phoenix New Times, they achieved a new level of prominence in 1983, when they acquired Patricia Calhoun’s news-and-arts free weekly, Westword.

The acquisition of Westword would mark the beginning of a new era for New Times Media, as they would go on to acquire 17 like-minded newspapers, including LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Miami New Times, Nashville Scene, and Village Voice.

The publications under the New Times Media imprint would go on to achieve a myriad of reputable awards and accolades, including winning a Pulitzer Prize in 2007.

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5 Smart Ways People and Places are Resisting Trump’s Immigration Policies