Deirdre Baggot Role in Bundled Payment Plans

Deirdre Baggot is a woman on a special mission in the healthcare department. The medical professional has a passion for a career, and this is why she has been accomplishing so much in the recent years. While most women prefer to stay home and take care of their young children and families, Baggot has been doing her best to change the lives of people who come to seek treatment in medical facilities. Hospitals are essential in the lives of people. Without these facilities, it would be very difficult to access services when people are sick. When visiting these centers, people have to make some payment so that they can be attended to. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at Ideamensch

When practicing medicine in her country, the medic couldn’t help but notice that payment options were limited, and the professionals in this department needed more help so that they can have smooth transactions and attend more people. The businesswoman watched the struggles of the professionals working in the payment office, and she decided that she was going to be the face of innovation everyone wished to see. Deirdre Baggot has shown so much passion when dealing with bundled payment plans in the medical facilities, and she has taught many people how to use them so that they can have efficiency at the office.

Deirdre Baggot’s dream to change the healthcare payment plans did not start just the other day. The career woman had worked in various organizations after completing her studies, and this gave her the ability to learn more about bundle payments. Using the modern technology in this plan, the businesswoman realized that payments would be made easier by all parties. Many companies have embraced this technique, and fortunately, and they have registered the great results that are brought when the community embraces the modern technology. Baggot works with one of the leading healthcare companies in the US.

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Francisco Domenech, the most influential political figure in Puerto Rico

Francisco Domenech is a household name in Puerto Rico. His popularity comes as a result of his powerful influence in politics which saw him support different successful campaign candidates including Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon.

Currently, Francisco Domenech is the managing partner of Politank – a law firm that deals with representing private affairs before official forums in Puerto Rico.

Before that, Francisco Domenech was the Office Director of the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly in 2005 – 2007. His spell saw him manage over 300 employees, increase the services offered by the Legislative Library which includes access to the physically disabled and working under a yearly budget of $11 million.

Previously he was the Chief Legal Counsel of the Puerto Rico Senate President with roles including advising the President on legal matters, in charge of best representing the Senate interest in courts and taking charge of all in-house and outside counsel work.

Domenech holds a B.A. in Political Science and Juris Doctor degree from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. During his time in school, he managed to serve as the President of the Student Body Council and the Academic Senator. He was also the head of the College of Social Sciences and took several courses in law in University College in London. Visit to learn more about Domenech.

Francisco Domenech success in politics

Domenech unveiled himself to the world through his association with Hillary Clinton where he played a significant part in the 2008 and 2016 election periods.

In 2008, Domenech served as a co-chair of Hillblazers – Clinton’s Presidential campaigns and the Deputy Campaign Manager of Clinton’s primary campaign in Puerto Rico. With Domenech influence and leadership, Hillary Clinton went ahead and won the election by a margin of 68 to 32 over Barack Obama.

In 2016, Francisco Domenech was actively involved in Clinton’s primary campaign in Puerto Rico where she won with a margin of 61-37 over Senator Sanders. Although Clinton didn’t win the elections, she was the first woman to contest for the presidency in one of the US National Parties.

Domenech spearheads another successful campaign in the 2016 elections which saw Hon Jennifer Gonzalez become the first-ever woman to serve as the Resident Commissioner and represents Puerto Rico before the Congress.

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Brian Torchin: A True Leader in the Medical Profession

Brian Torchin graduated from the University of Delaware with a major in exercise science. He also completed his pre-medical bachelor of science there. He received his doctor of chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in 1995. He is clearly a well educated doctor.

Chiropractic Clinic

After college Brian Torchin opened his chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was licensed and board certified. He was highly respected and popular in the area. His clinic helped many people with a variety of pain ailments. His success enabled him to quickly open additional offices in Delaware and Florida. I personally have chronic back and shoulder pain at times and would definitely use his services. Find out more about Brian Torchin on Wellness.


Brian Torchin created Health Care Recruitment Counselors(HCRC) in 2007. The company provides staffing for healthcare companies, hospitals,clinics, and legal firms. His company staffs the following positions: dentist, chiropractors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and urgent care providers. HCRC quickly became the top medical staffing company in the world. Torchin serves as president of the company and now has expanded offices to Europe and Asia. The company has also expanded its services to include staffing for office management, billing, front desk receptionist, public relations, attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, assistants, and administrators. The sky seems to be the limit for this company. The goal of the company is to find qualified candidates to meet heir customer needs within 72 hours. HCRC feels that one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare field is high employee turnover rate. The company’s goal is to solve this problem by placing qualified candidates in the best positions for success.

Speaking and Blogs

Brian is also a frequent lead author in many of the company’s publications on recruiting, hiring, and employment. He also writes on the company blog giving various tips on industry related issues. He also writes articles stressing the value of putting patients first and making them feel comfortable and important. Torchin has been recognized worldwide for his speaking conferences on staffing. He devotes most of his time ensuring that his clients worldwide are satisfied with the service his company provides. View:


The Motorsports World: Rodrigo Terpins

When the majority of people in the United States hear car and race in the same sentence, they would naturally think, Nascar. In Brazil, when car and race are together, one might think of the Motorsport world. Rodrigo Terpins is an extremely well-known name when it comes to Motorsports. Terpins is a famous and very popular rally driver there. Terpins first started driving motorcycles in 2002 before he decided to switch to cars in 2004.


Rodrigo Terpins is considered one of the best rally car drivers in his country. It’s natural that he would be good at racing, considering the fact that he came from a family who has a strong background in sports. Michel and his brother Rodrigo have been racing for four seasons with the T-Rex. The T-Rex, which has a V-8 engine, is deemed one of the best and most powerful cars in the competition. Their passion for rallying prompted them to create the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This team has been named one of the greatest teams in the country of Brazil.


The Sertoes Rally competition attracts many rally drivers from around the world. Despite the roughness of the terrain, Michel and Rodrigo Terpins won the 2nd stage of the 24th edition of the rally. Terpins and his navigator, Maykel Justo, participated in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally. Terpins was one of the top five fastest drivers and the duo won two out of three stages of the race in Prototypes T1. Terpins currently has nine participations in the Sertoes Rally. Check out Terra to see more.


Terpins believes that no one should ever give up. He had a dream of one day becoming an internationally known rally driver. He may not be known by everyone, but in Brazil, he is a superstar. With the number of wins he has and his popularity growing, Terpins will soon become a household name.


Alex Hern, the CEO, and co-founder of Tsunami XR

Alex Hern is a well-known entrepreneur who has a career spanning for almost twenty-five years. He is the current CEO and the founder of the sunami XR company. He set his focus in the early stages on technology companies. Before becoming successful as he is today, he had also founded the Inktomi Goldman company and served as the director. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg. His company has been behind the operations of Yahoo MSN and AOL supporting various operations. Mr. Hern also co-founded the Yesmail Brown which is an email marketing and web-based directory company. He was the director at this company which went public and sold out o CMGI which is now known as the Moduslink Global solution. His company was sold for around 650 million dollars. Mr Hern also co-founded the Military Commercial technologies company which is a technology commercialization incubator that is funded by L-3 and Lockheed. Here, he served as the chief executive officer and chairman.


Additionally, Mr. Hern also co-founded the Arcsigh Company which is a security company ha deals with cyber-related securities which was later sold o Hewlett Packard for more than one billion dollars. Mr. Hern has been able o see opportunities in the technology sector where others have seen difficulties. This can be supported by the many companies he has co-founded and successfully managed. He has been a trusted source of inspiration for many young upcoming entrepreneurs. He has been a member of the board for several companies which he founded and others where he has been a partner.

Mr. Hern innovative nature can be attributed o his education background which helped him to venture into the world of technology and come with brilliant ideas o establish companies. Most of his companies sold out quickly when they were listed in public. Odya Mr Hern is a source of inspiration for many around the globe. Follow Alex Hern on

Robert Ivy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The current chief executive office of the American Institute of Architects Roberty Ivy has won the Lifetime Achievement Award. He has won the award in recognition of his excellence in the artistic and creative fields. As the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has provided both expertise and leadership to guide this organization into becoming one that is renowned worldwide. With this latest award, Robert has been able to distinguish himself among his peers and in the architecture industry. Ivy becomes the first Mississippi native to win this prestigious award. He joins a number of other well known winners of this award such as Walter Anderson, Morgan Freeman and Eudora Welty. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

Since wining the award, Robert Ivy has received a lot of high praise. The MIAL President Nancy LaForge has said that Ivy has been able to make architecture more accessible to the general public. She has also said that Robert’s work as a writer, author and commentator on architecture have allowed him to prove his true expertise in the field. With his many talents, Robert will now be able to occupy a rightful place among a prestigious list of Noel Polk Award winners. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Along with earning praise from Nancy LaForge, Robert Ivy has also earned praise from one of his colleagues as well. The President of the American Institute of Architects Carl Elefante has said that Robert is a key ambassador of the field. With his experience as an author, editor and practicing architect, Robert has been able to set a positive example for many others in the field. Winning the Lifetime Achievement Award is the crowning achievement of his career and Elefante is very happy that is colleague has won such a high honor.

Since becoming the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has expanded it to many other parts of the world. With a global presence, the organization is able to provide guidance and mentorship to a number of practicing architects worldwide. Therefore, Robert has been able to make the organization one that provides a very positive impact on members in the field.


Milan Kordestani Shows Grit, Passion And Determination

There is nothing scarier for a horseback rider than a bucking horse. Flying off your horse could mean serious injury or even death. Many riders that have been kicked off horses have a form of posttraumatic stress disorder which prevents them from ever riding a horse again. It takes true grit to get back up on the saddle. And that’s exactly what Milan Kordestani displayed as a young child.

Milan Kordestani is an amazing young man. He is currently a writer for the Huffington Post, a student in Northern California and the owner of an organic farm. He developed this determination for success during a critical fall off a horse as a child. The equestrian staff at his horse riding camp were absolutely astonished when he took back the reins to ride his bucking horse back to camp.

Undeterred, Milan Kordestani quickly developed a skill for riding horses. He has competed at horse championships all across the world. Most notably, he has placed in the top three in the first and third the legs of the Triple Crown. His highest achievement was second-place at the world championships where he rode his trusty horse named CH His Perfect Reflection. Milan Kordestani continues to compete in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure Division for his age range. He hopes to soon place first in the world championships.

He is currently focusing all of his attention on the organic farm that he founded. Milan Farms is a beautiful patch of land in Northern California where chickens roam free. These free-range chickens produce some of San Francisco’s best eggs. Milan Farms puts these eggs up for sale on the Internet where you can buy six or a dozen. It’s recommended that you order a subscription to get regular deliveries of this wholesome product.

His farm also produces saffron for some of the best restaurants in the San Francisco area. The saffron is grown out of microfiber sponges in a hydroponic manner. This allows Milan Farms to keep up with demand for the delicate spice. The farms continue to innovate better ways to cultivate its herbs.


Southridge Capital Achievement since its Establishment

Southridge Capital has brought a revolution in the field of finance, thanks to the amendable strategic approaches that they have adopted to fuel their operations. The form was established in 1996 and with its highly skilled team of employees, it has successfully helped many people and institutions address their financial issues.


Today, the firm prides itself in financing over 250 public companies. The firm’s team of employees have also put their clients at the forefront and guided them on the best strategies they can adapt to achieve their financial breakthrough. A vast number of people have amended the excellent services of Southridge Capital.


The firm has invested over $1.8billion in the growth of financial firms in the country. Their dedication towards offering top-notch services and products to their clients is impressive. The firm’s employees have striven to provide full customer satisfaction, with the aim of maintaining their old clients as well as attracting new ones. Additionally, the firm’s executives have also done their best to ensure that their employees deliver the best. Their ability to maintain excellent relationships with their team of employees has seen Southridge Capital yield high returns as they all work together as a team, towards the accomplishment of a common goal.


According to Newswire, the firm also specializes in direct investment and advisory services, and they mostly target both small and large businesses. The investment advice that they offer to their team of employees has profoundly contributed to the growth of a vast number of firms in the country. The various development strategies that they have shared with their group of employees has also played a significant role in helping them increase their productivity, and this has contributed to the rise in the economy of the country. Besides, employees and owners of such firms have acquired a chance to upgrade their living standards.



Southridge Capital has also striven to exercise teamwork in their operations and over the recent years, they have stricken deals with various successful firms. The firm recently partnered with the Elite Data Services, Inc., based in Texas, Dallas. The deal will see the firm improve its use of technology to make their operations faster, reliable and accessible.



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Guilherme Paulus Is Big In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is one heck of a guy when it comes to the tourism industry in Brazil. His success can be attributed to a passion in serving the public and his community. For Guilherme Paulus, one of the great joys of the business is seeing jobs being created for fellow Brazilians. The hotels and resorts that he opens up employs fellow countrymen.

In the early ’70s, he co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. In the middle 2000s, he founded another successful company called GJP Hotels and Resorts. The hard work that he puts into his business has paid off; he is currently worth over a billion dollars.

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A.used to be a small-time company located in Sao Paolo. However, as time went on, it became one of the hugest travel companies in Latin America. The company is currently held by the public, and a group of market executives leads it.

Guilherme Paulus was born in the year 1949—just after WWII. He devoted his entire career to the tourism industry. Guilherme Paulus has invested much energy and faith in the company, taking it to a whole new level of sophistication. His company has more to offer potential clients—more than just the typical travel packages. His company offers a wide range of experiences for everyone. Knowing that he is providing so many more opportunities to people—pertaining to leisure—is another thing that adds fulfillment to his career.

In 2009, the businessman attempted to take CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. to a higher level of success by getting support from a global investment fund. In the pursuit of doing this, he sold part of the company to Carlyle Group in the late 2000s.

Currently, his companies are in the process of successfully running hotels and opening new ones. One of more recent ones to open up was St. Andrew’s Mountain. Located in the mountains of Gramado, it offers cozy, Victorian-esque interiors and high up views of mountains. This is definitely a great place for those who like more mountainous, temperate-looking settings.

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The RealReal and the Memories of Secondhand Shopping

One thing that people associate with secondhand shopping is the memories that come with it. Secondhand stores are some of the interesting aspects of fashion. One example of a memory that The RealReal is associated with is memories of shopping at a secondhand store. One of the memories have inspired one of the people who were involved with The RealReal. One thing that she recounts is the conflicts that would arise when it comes to the size of clothing at the secondhand shop. One comment that was made was that there is no such thing as size. She has carried this mentality when shopping at The RealReal.

Fashion is very interesting thing in that size is often considered in other stores. However, when people know how to make their fashion work for them. They can also work around their size. The best thing about The RealReal is that this is where real fashion goes. Therefore, people who are interested and can afford it are going to find some really great gems. This not only helps them find styles that are very interesting and different, but also find items that they probably did know existed.

One of the best things about The RealReal is that people have a choice from all of the basic items to all of the high fashion items. This is not a store who are conservative in the types of risks they take in fashion. People who are feeling adventurous are going to be the ones who have the most fun with their fashion. For people who need clues on what they can get from The RealReal, they can look at their Instagram. There are tons of pictures that show people putting together outfits that are very appealing and adorable. This will definitely inspire some new customers for the secondhand shop.

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