Meet the financial journalist Jeff Yastine

As a publishing firm, Banyan Hill Publishing has recorded very rapid growth over the years. It has almost half a million subscribers on a daily basis. The publishing group is primarily interested in covering matters to do with investment openings. They discuss products and resources worth exploring. It is from this site that many upcoming investors get useful information.

Ever wondered what inspired the company owners to choose the name Banyan Hill Publishing? Well, here you have it. Banyan is a name of a tree species. These trees have the world most large canopies. The large canopies are usually supported by aerial roots that grow from the branches to the ground. The trees do not grow so tall, but their stability is remarkable. These trees can survive world most massive hurricanes, unlike other trees or buildings. The name was chosen to symbolize the firm’s dedication to their operations. Read this article at

The company was established almost two decades ago. Then, it was named The Sovereign Society. It was renamed to Banyan Hill Publishers two years ago. The company was established to provide necessary investment and entrepreneurship advice. The company comprises of numerous financial and finance professionals. With their expertise, they always ensure that any interested entrepreneur is satisfied intellectually. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

Among Banyan Hill Publishing team of expertise is Jeff Yastine. He is the editor of the Banyan Hill magazine called Total Wealth Insider. He became a part of the firm three years ago. Before he came to Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine worked as a financial reporter as well as a stock exchange advisor. With his diverse experience in investment, Jeff is in an excellent position to write investment journals for the firm. He writes such pieces to enable investors to understand the market trends and profitable opportunities.

Through his exemplary work, Jeff has won an Emmy Award. The award came after his famous report on the underfunded government infrastructures. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, he worked with PBS Nightly Business Report. Throughout his career, he has been able to interview significant investors and businesspeople, the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Michael Dell just to mention a few.

As a journalist, Jeff Yastine has dramatically impacted the investment sector. He has helped discover new opportunities. He has as well contributed to the improvement of various industries primarily real estate and the agricultural industry. In multiple journals, Jeff Yastine had issued warnings concerning some investment sectors. This journals saved numerous investors from significant losses.


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