GoBuyside And Financial Industry Growth

A few years ago in 2011 a college student by the name of Arjun Kapur was studying a number of topics in the field of finance and noticed that there may be a certain need for improvement to the overall hiring process in the field. This applied to not only the process of finding applicants but finding out more about them, matching them to a job and going through the interviewing process. Applicants were also finding it to be a challenge to connect with potential employers in the finance industry regardless of how qualified they were. Because of these different capital needs, Kapur created the company and program called GoBuyside. The original concept was to create a very transparent process for finding, interviewing and hiring people for jobs. Since its inception in 2011, GoBuyside has found great success and continues to grow each year. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

Basically what people find when they utilize GoBuyside is a job opportunity platform that focuses solely on the financial industry. There are job postings on the website but the concept is taken much further by including information about potential applicants that includes things like an in depth review of their previous work, their past experience, recommendations, etc. The unique part about this company is that it tailors to two different demographics where normally these types of sites favor either applicants or businesses. On an international level, over five hundred different cities worldwide are participating in GoBuyside.

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This type of business model is set out to be very successful. While it may sound like a simple concept, this type of company wasn’t really around prior to Arjun Kapur creating it. It took s student, someone who was very new to the field of finance to notice that there was just something missing with how companies were staffing their employment opportunities and professionals were having a good deal of trouble finding new jobs that they would find rewarding regardless of how much experience they were bringing to the table. It is likely this success will continue long into the future based off the success GoBuyside has had since it first started out. Read this article at Accesswire.

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