Omar Boraie is Honored by the Senate

Omar Boraie has rightly been called the father of the city of New Brunswick. The New Jersey State Senate referred to him in this manner because of his hard work and achievements concerning the city of New Brunswick.

The New Jersey Senate rightly states that Omar Boraie resurrected the city of New Brunswick based on his grit and his determination. He dedicated his life and his resources to the city for the last 40 years. His dream was to make New Brunswick as great as any European city he visited during his travels.

Omar Boraie knew that in order to help New Brunswick become a thriving economic center, he would need to achieve four different things. The first thing he’d have to achieve is bringing a family community back to New Brunswick. The second thing he would need to succeed at doing was stabilize the job situation. The third thing he would have to succeed at doing was build a strong coalition of forces. The last thing he needed to do was strengthen the dying middle class. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie worked with churches and nonprofit organizations to build a family atmosphere in the city of New Brunswick. He agreed to give these churches and nonprofit organizations the funds they would need to host family building events. One nonprofit organization hosted a family fun night. This actually occurred over seven weeks span where they showed seven free movies to the public. 7500 families united together through this event. Check out

Boraie Development also worked to stabilize the job market. Since New Brunswick was dying, jobs were leaving the area and other businesses were not coming in. Omar Boraie turned this around by working with the Johnson and Johnson Corporation to remain in the area and open additional factories. He also built commercial real estate and sold it for a fraction of a profit in order to bring in new businesses.

Omar Boraie built the necessary coalition by working with people such as the mayor, the City Council, and the state Senate. Working through this vast network, he created the necessary alliance that united the visions of each organization that New Brunswick was their priority.

Omar Boraie finished his work with New Brunswick by bringing back a strong middle-class. This occurred after he built high-class residential and office space was sold it for a starting professional salary. These competitive prices brought back the middle class.

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