Reflecting on Jeremy Goldstein’s Success

After years of working for other companies, Jeremy finally managed to start his own law firm. Jeremy Goldstein &Associates is a boutique firm mainly serving compensation committees and others. The firm is good at handling corporate governance matters. While Jeremy is the founder of this firm, he has other partners that he has. Learn more:

The story of Jeremy Goldstein is quite interesting because law is not the only expertise he has. Jeremy has worked for organizations that inspired him to learn finance. He did it so well until it because one of his domain. Jeremy has worked for Bank of America, Verizon and Goldman Sachs. These firms have played a major role in mentoring and teaching Jeremy his finance skills.

Since compensation is an area of expertise for Jeremy, he recently addressed a major issue. Companies are using EPS to compensate their employees. This is a good idea because EPS have benefits when they are used as part of compensation. Companies that use them encourage their employees to work hard. This results to better performance in the company. They are also known to tell when investors should buy or sell stocks. Employees having EPS feel they are a part of the organization.

Unfortunately, the major shortcoming of this pay system is compromising integrity. CEOs and other executives may practice favoritism. EPS lack an aspect of collective control and this metric is easily influenced by the CEO. Since it is not wise to eliminate EPS from the pay structure, a compromise is the way forward.

Jeremy Goldstein recommends that CEOs be held accountable and they should be transparent. It will mitigate possibility of favoritism. What they do in relation to EPS can be questioned. As a result, organizations will not have scandals related to EPS. Apart from business and practicing law, Jeremy is also a philanthropist. He is particularly supporting Fountain Hope. This organization helps people with mental illnesses. Jeremy is glad to stand with needy people.

Before he began his journey of a successful career, Jeremy graduated from New York University with a law degree. As he worked with organizations, he applied his legal knowledge and still apprenticed business and finance. He has become a successful person because of having an open mind. He is did not limit himself to law but also learnt other skills. Jeremy shares his knowledge through writing journals and articles. Jeremy Goldstein hard work has earned him recognition and awards in various areas.

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