Former diplomat Daniel Taub travels to Bradford

Daniel Taub term as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom was marked as the greatest ever. The Jewish community living in the United Kingdom says that in the history of the diplomatic relations, the period between 2011 and 2015, when Daniel Taub served was the best. The Jewish community living in the United Kingdom gained a lot in terms of business growth.

Before his appointment, business was not very good. By the time he was leaving, trade had doubled, and the number of Jewish owned business in the United Kingdom had tremendously increased. In short, Israel was enjoying a cordial relationship with the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub had the advantage of having been born in the United Kingdom. To him, this was no new territory. He had spent his early life in the United Kingdom and only moved to Israel as a grown up. He was familiar with the United Kingdom, and it was not going to be hard for him to get the two countries working together.

The staunch orthodox Jew played his role so well that he accomplished results that had never been recorded in the history of the two countries partnership.

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and is love for diplomatic matter is second to none. His entire career was spent serving in the ministry of foreign affairs in the Israeli government. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel Taub’s term in office was however exposed to challenges. There were some changes he encountered when dealing with anti-Israeli activists in the United Kingdom. While he was serving his term, there was a boycott of Israel by the universities students’ organizations in the country.

The students’ bodies were protesting what they termed as Israeli use of excessive force in the Middle East. However, Daniel Taub disagreed with them but at the same time defended the students’ leaders from any form of punishment that the university wanted to hand them. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Another case that happened when the MP for Bradford said that his area was an Israeli free zone. The action by the M.P did not go down well with the Jewish community who protested it and termed it as intolerance of the highest order.

Daniel Taub took action as the ambassador and traveled to Bradford as the ban was still in effect. He wanted to show the world that he would not accept discrimination of the Jewish community by a man who he termed as anti-Israeli. The M.P had already demonstrated his biases towards Israel for a long time.

Omar Boraie is Honored by the Senate

Omar Boraie has rightly been called the father of the city of New Brunswick. The New Jersey State Senate referred to him in this manner because of his hard work and achievements concerning the city of New Brunswick.

The New Jersey Senate rightly states that Omar Boraie resurrected the city of New Brunswick based on his grit and his determination. He dedicated his life and his resources to the city for the last 40 years. His dream was to make New Brunswick as great as any European city he visited during his travels.

Omar Boraie knew that in order to help New Brunswick become a thriving economic center, he would need to achieve four different things. The first thing he’d have to achieve is bringing a family community back to New Brunswick. The second thing he would need to succeed at doing was stabilize the job situation. The third thing he would have to succeed at doing was build a strong coalition of forces. The last thing he needed to do was strengthen the dying middle class. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie worked with churches and nonprofit organizations to build a family atmosphere in the city of New Brunswick. He agreed to give these churches and nonprofit organizations the funds they would need to host family building events. One nonprofit organization hosted a family fun night. This actually occurred over seven weeks span where they showed seven free movies to the public. 7500 families united together through this event. Check out

Boraie Development also worked to stabilize the job market. Since New Brunswick was dying, jobs were leaving the area and other businesses were not coming in. Omar Boraie turned this around by working with the Johnson and Johnson Corporation to remain in the area and open additional factories. He also built commercial real estate and sold it for a fraction of a profit in order to bring in new businesses.

Omar Boraie built the necessary coalition by working with people such as the mayor, the City Council, and the state Senate. Working through this vast network, he created the necessary alliance that united the visions of each organization that New Brunswick was their priority.

Omar Boraie finished his work with New Brunswick by bringing back a strong middle-class. This occurred after he built high-class residential and office space was sold it for a starting professional salary. These competitive prices brought back the middle class.

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Reflecting on Jeremy Goldstein’s Success

After years of working for other companies, Jeremy finally managed to start his own law firm. Jeremy Goldstein &Associates is a boutique firm mainly serving compensation committees and others. The firm is good at handling corporate governance matters. While Jeremy is the founder of this firm, he has other partners that he has. Learn more:

The story of Jeremy Goldstein is quite interesting because law is not the only expertise he has. Jeremy has worked for organizations that inspired him to learn finance. He did it so well until it because one of his domain. Jeremy has worked for Bank of America, Verizon and Goldman Sachs. These firms have played a major role in mentoring and teaching Jeremy his finance skills.

Since compensation is an area of expertise for Jeremy, he recently addressed a major issue. Companies are using EPS to compensate their employees. This is a good idea because EPS have benefits when they are used as part of compensation. Companies that use them encourage their employees to work hard. This results to better performance in the company. They are also known to tell when investors should buy or sell stocks. Employees having EPS feel they are a part of the organization.

Unfortunately, the major shortcoming of this pay system is compromising integrity. CEOs and other executives may practice favoritism. EPS lack an aspect of collective control and this metric is easily influenced by the CEO. Since it is not wise to eliminate EPS from the pay structure, a compromise is the way forward.

Jeremy Goldstein recommends that CEOs be held accountable and they should be transparent. It will mitigate possibility of favoritism. What they do in relation to EPS can be questioned. As a result, organizations will not have scandals related to EPS. Apart from business and practicing law, Jeremy is also a philanthropist. He is particularly supporting Fountain Hope. This organization helps people with mental illnesses. Jeremy is glad to stand with needy people.

Before he began his journey of a successful career, Jeremy graduated from New York University with a law degree. As he worked with organizations, he applied his legal knowledge and still apprenticed business and finance. He has become a successful person because of having an open mind. He is did not limit himself to law but also learnt other skills. Jeremy shares his knowledge through writing journals and articles. Jeremy Goldstein hard work has earned him recognition and awards in various areas.

Bringing Relief to Victims of Hurricane Harvey: The Work of Barbara Stokes

In the end of October 2017, Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structure Homes (or GSH), and Scott Stokes, COO, announced the creation of new jobs in six states. The creation of these jobs will support the $28.5M FEMA contract that GSH was recently awarded.

The money from this contract is of great assistance to GSH’s disaster relief work and allows the company to provide safe, efficient, modular housing in, most recently, areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Stokes understands that, as she explains it, “After a disaster, nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of families residing in our homes.” The modular housing designed by GSH is efficient, offer safety features, and an active fire-suppression system. When asked about the recent FEMA contract, Stokes said, “GSH is proud to support FEMA’s mission to provide relief to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are committed to providing the very best in value and quality to our customers.” Read more about Barbara Stokes at

GSH was founding in 2008 by Barbara Stokes and Scott Stokes. It is worth noting that GSH was awarded multiple FEMA contracts in 2016 as well, and their commitment to helping disaster victims secure safe housing is strong. Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University in Macon, GA, in 2001, having studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Barbara also studied in several other technical fields while at Mercer, which all gave her knowledge and experience that she brings to GSH.

Barbara has formerly worked at the Pisces Corporation and Boeing, both of which gave her great experience in government contracting.

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Stokes understands the impact that the creation of these new jobs will have. She has said that the work of GSH and their new employees “will support local business and accelerate direct and indirect job growth in the surrounding areas.”

In addition to being a vital asset in disaster relief, Stokes is also an active volunteer in the Huntsville, AL community and is a mother of three. Barbara Stokes is “all in” – she loves her children, she serves the community around her, and has devoted her work life to helping people find security. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Find Out why Dr. David Samadi Believes Surgery is More Effective than Radio Therapy at Treating Localized Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is prevalent in American men. In fact, it ranks second after skin cancer as the most common cancer in American men. The American cancer society predictions for 2018 stress the prevalence of prostate cancer in American men. The society expects over 165 thousand new cases of prostate cancer and 29 thousand deaths as a result of the disease.

In 2017, 161,360 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential nominee, was among those diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. Romney joined the long list of American politicians including John Kerry, Colin Powell, etc. who have had a brush with prostate cancer. Like Kerry and Powell, Romney opted for surgery as opposed to undergoing radiation sessions meant to treat prostate cancer. And just like Kerry and Powell, Romney is a survivor of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer ceased to be a death sentence disease, especially when diagnosed in time, according to Dr. David Samadi—a popular American urologist. Early diagnosis and treatment are the surest ways of beating back prostate cancer. The method of treatment (whether radiation or surgery) is a critical determinant of whether a patient survives prostate cancer or otherwise.

After many years of research and practice in diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, Dr. David Samadi is convinced that surgery is superior to radiation, especially when prostate cancer is budding. And the Lenox Hill Hospital-based urologist has many reasons to believe so. Dr. David Samadi draws from a study published in the journal “European Urology,” which was concluded on the premise that surgery is more effective than radiation therapy at treating localized prostate cancer. In addition, Dr. Samadi emphasizes that radiation therapy is capable of altering the human body at the cellular level resulting in secondary cancers. Rectal and bladder cancers are common among prostate cancer patients that opted for radiotherapy over surgery. What ‘s more, prostate cancer patients who choose radiation therapy are more likely—twice as likely—to die sooner than their counterparts, whose prostates are removed surgically.

Dr. David Samadi

A board-certified urologist, Dr. David Samadi is one of the most sought-after urologists in the U.S. The fact that he was the highest paid doctor—earning $7.6 million—in New York in 2012 speaks to the trust that people have on him.

Dr. David Samadi has been practicing medicine for over a decade. He started out his career at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He later moved to Mt. Sinai School of Medicine before commencing his tenure at Lenox.

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