Fabletics Provides A Challenge To Online Giant Amazon

Any Online retailer who enters the fashion market must set out to develop a plan to rival the dominance of Amazon, the Online giant who has maintained a 20 percent market share in the Online fashion retailing market. Fabletics entered the Online retailing industry in 2013 with a determined push to overcome the might of Amazon and has turned its unique business model into a $235 million business in just four years; the executives at Amazon are now beginning to take notice at the impressive way the brand is changing the face of Online fashion retailing and marketing.


In the early 2000s, the retail industry began to pronounce the death of the fashion industry in malls and along Main Street USA. However, many stores with physical locations are still open and thriving despite a process known as “showrooming” which has been of aid to Amazon and its fellow retailers based purely Online; “showrooming” is a process where a customer enters a store and tries on clothing to make sure it fits correctly before returning home and purchasing an item Online. Although Amazon has built a business empire out of this process, Fabletics is looking for a different approach with the opening of a number of long-term physical locations instead of choosing to move down the pop-up store route favored by many Online retail specialists.


The ambition of Fabletics is to overturn the dominance of Amazon and become the world’s leading athleticwear retailer with a growing customer base who have developed their love of products linked to the lifestyle quiz completed by every potential customer who learns of which products will best suit their own busy lifestyle.


In 2013, TechStyle gurus, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were looking for the perfect founding partner and brand ambassador when they hit upon the idea of looking to involve actress Kate Hudson as a founding partner. The Fabletics founders believed Hudson embodied the active lifestyle and healthy persona their members would appreciate and long to be linked to. Kate Hudson is now much more than a brand ambassador and has embarked upon a steep learning curve as a business leader who is willing to play a part in almost every aspect of the business. The “Almost Famous” actress has played role in marketing, quality control, and developing a stronger customer service department to make the last-mile service of the brand among the best in the world.

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