Sentient AI Technologies Role in Digital Marketing and E-commerce

Sentient AI Technologies is an American company based in San Francisco that deals with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. It was established in 2007 and has generated over 143 million dollars over the years. In 2016, the company shifted focus to e-commerce and online business. Artificial Intelligence is the simulation and imitation of human intellectual ability process by machines especially computer systems. These processes include acquiring information and the rules for using the information, reasoning as well as self-correction. An example of this is speech recognition and machine vision.

Today’s e-commerce has grown, and this is because of the innovations such as Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend. This has brought about several advantages such as increasing revenues, making it easy for customers to shop and improving the customer satisfaction rate. One of such innovations is Sentient Aware; this is the use of computers to deliver real-time tailored images of an item through visual conversions. This is better because once a customer has the item as a photo, there is no need to waste time in text-searching or voice-searching. This, therefore, saves the customer time and gives them an exact image of the item they are looking for, reducing customer disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Sentient Ascend is another invention by the Sentient AI Technologies. The invention helps companies to search and find a design that will work best for the company or personal website. This algorithm works quickly and takes millions of combinations to find the best design and ideas for your site experience. This is best to work with as it can optimize a single page as well as a funnel. It will also drive more conversions to your website traffic. It breaks down the barriers of old testing traditions, recognizes promising concepts and ideas syndicates them with each other and gives you non-obvious covert ideas which are more than A/B traditional testing would give. Legacy A/B solution is slow and will only allow you to try one tryout at a time, and only 1 out of 6 is correct. This algorithm teaches you about your customer base in real time. Everyone that visits your website gives Ascend an idea of what is working and what is not working on your site, therefore, evolving and improving its performance according to your website audience. It will also show you all the changes made over the time in a single window before you launch to allow you to see and make your own changes.

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  1. We are truly evolving in this society, seeing the trends of major technological breakthroughs that are been recorded on daily basis. However provides a basis for better understanding and I think that the introduction of technology into the marketing setting is making a lot of things easier and the progress is one that will turn in great numbers in years to come.

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