Mighty Fortress Church The Sacred Refuge

Minnesota is beautiful and very unique. It has 10,000 lakes and the most beautiful scenery you can imagine. In the fall you can expect the best of the rich fall colors. Throughout Minnesota’s state parks and recreation areas are amazing trails and breathtaking views. The winters can be severe, but it is a winter wonderland you don’t want to miss.

Every state has something that sets it apart and makes it special, and Minnesota is no exception. You will find some of the most beautiful churches in the state. The Assumption, also known as The Grasshopper Chapel has an interesting historical background. The first was destroyed by a tornado and The Assumption replaced it in 1951. The grasshopper plague ended after a time of prayer. A memorial dwelling replaced the 1870 structure. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Church of Our Lady of the Angels has one of the most striking interiors found in any church in Minnesota. There is an incredible display of Mary ascending from the clouds in the beautiful dome.

Lakewood Memorial Chapel is on the list of National Historic places. This beautiful structure has stain-glass windows that perform the job as a sundial telling the time of day and season. The mosaic is of marble and colored stone in the interior.

The Mighty Fortress Church is more than just a beautiful structure. It is changing lives through the solid teaching of the Word of God. Bishop Thomas Williams is the senior Pastor and founder of the church. His message clearly states that all the answers are in Christ. He teaches biblical principles that result in victorious living for the body of Christ. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on facebook.com.

You may have questions concerning this church. What is the atmosphere like? You can rest assured that you will feel at home. Rituals are not a part of The Mighty Fortress Church. You can come as you are. Everybody is important and welcome.

You may be wondering what you can expect when attending The Mighty Fortress Church. A time of spiritual renewal and refreshment, deeply rooted in worshipping a living God. Feel free to express your gratitude through corporate worship.

What makes this church so different and unique from others? You will find the answers of building a deeper personal relationship with Christ as well as building relationships with other Christians.

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Illuminating The Misconceptions Of Depression With Neurocore

While the level of awareness in recent years, regarding the lack of education and misunderstanding of symptoms that accompany depression on all of it’s possible tiers, has gotten more commonplace, 16,000,000 adults suffer from this malady.

What worse, still, is that an ample amount of this statistics collection will not seek treatment. 2/3, as a matter of fact, will bare this burden, simply because a long held misconception that it isn’t an actual disability, or even sadder, that it’s an unintentional display of weakness. With a strong sense of optimism, though, Neurocore has been a voice and, a champion of the siege against depression in all of its manifestations. Organizing a very informative and drug free alternative, and offering a real solution. With the cutting edge qEEG brainwave mapping and a symptom rating scale to build a personalized and uniquely effective program. Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

Depression is such a devious ailment. It can show up without outside influence, seemingly from out of nowhere. Stress, loss, fear and anxiety are all common triggers. As alluded to earlier, depression has a broad range of varying severity and, debilitation. Highlighting the importance of identifying the situation as early as possible. As a high functioning depressive is, perhaps, the trickiest. You’d never know, due to their ability to hide their ailment and, “go through the motions” in their day to day life. Although the reality is this; the cologne the body Israel. So much so, that brain activity analysis shows that yet the neuropathways fire in a totally different, measurable, fashion. The bodies chemistry is disheveled and in disarray.

The weight of this doesn’t stop there, sadly. The second most prolific cause of death In young people is suicide. Depression related suicide takes a life every 12.3 minutes. It is highly urged to notify 911 or, at least the National Suicide Prevention Hotline if you suspect depression in yourself or someone you love.

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It’s been estimated that $80,000,000,000 annually is lost, due to the overwhelming number of non-diagnosed sufferers of depression, linked directly to loss of productivity. This disability disrupts lives, and is most prevalent in 15-44 year old individuals, ranking in the top three most detrimental workplace issues in the U.S., an economic anomaly that is far from insignificant.

The one thing that brings levity to this crisis, is that depression is treatable, all of its different incarnations, but funding will be a keystone in future advancement, as will Neurocore’s neurofeedback therapy. Depression receives one 100th the amount of funding that breast cancer research proceeds, and has very promising early progress, through Neurocore. You’re not alone. There is an effort being realized, putting forward an opposition to depression, and making headway every single day. Follow Neurocore on facebook.com.

What You Need To Know About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a universal property investment firm with commitments to the highest standards of integrity. The bank provides service in corporate financial advisory services, alliance and acquisition expertise, economic assumptions, together with the assessment of co-operation of both public and private held companies. The corporate founded in the year 2005 by Anthony Marsala, Charles Botchway.



The investment bank has subsidiaries that also assist in its central operation in different continents including Africa, Asia along with North America. The investing corporate also specializes in partnering with middle-market firms to achieve the best possible outcome through a variety of transactions.



Madison Street has an ingenious customer service that assists its clients, both individual and organization by analyzing their needs. The customer service ensures that it help their client obtain an appropriate financial structures that satisfies the client’s potential. The company growth is an also as a result of an approximate 200 executive employees across the world. The Madison corporate headquarters in Illinois, Chicago.



Under the leadership of its co-founders, early 2016, the corporate ranked finalist and received the M&A Advisor Awards. Additionally, Madison bank won a Turnaround Award in January 2017. The company also received special appreciation from Chris Still, M&A Advisor’s chairman. The company also accepted the similar honor at a Palm Beach hotel in March.



In 2014, the corporate Obtained Credit as a result of providing consultative assistance to Vital Care Industries, Illinois. Madison assisted the medical product manufacturer to select a fitting banker to acquire an investment loan.



Additionally, the corporate also contributes to non-profit organizations. Its humanitarian works have also heightened its credit. For example, in 2011, the corporate provided funds after severe weather damages as a result of the aftermath in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Additionally, the firm extends its charity efforts to other organizations such as the United Way along with American Red Cross.



In addition to the corporate achievements, MSC success is a result of contracting accomplished experts and implementing a series of essential services to numerous prominent companies. Madison has received positive reviews and testimonials. Additionally, the company also won a stellar award from Better Business Bureau. Learn more: https://network.axial.net/a/company/madison-street-capital/


Additionally, the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts elected Madison Street Capital co-founder Anthony Marsala for the Under Forty award. Marsala serves as MSC’s chief operating officer. He has a master’s degree and has a broad expertise and experience of more than 14 years.

Whitney Wolfe’s wedding at Ville Tre Ville

Whitney Wolfe has featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 and in the Elle’s women’s tech. She successfully created a dating site called bubble that has a wide following. She also the co-founder of tinder app. since the launch of Bubble two years ago, it has managed to gain 14 million users. The application will be upgraded to BumbleBizz and BumbleBFF to refine the search for a perfect mate. Whitney Wolfe grew up in Salt Lake Utah and attended South Methodist University where she earned a degree in international relations.

This year Whitney Wolfe and her longtime partner Michael Herd who like Whitney is a successful entrepreneur came together in matrimony for their dream wedding. Their relationship blossomed from a skiing trip which soon developed to this colorful event. They two started dating on Valentine’s Day and got engaged two months later. Michael later proposed to Whitney after she had visited him at his Texas ranch, Michael proposed to Wolfe after a horseback ride in the sunset of Texas.

It was during her trip to Italy that she was able to get a clear picture of her wedding. A friend of Whitney introduced her to Cynthia cook smith. Cynthia is one of the most remarkable wedding designers. She assisted her to pick up a wedding dress and actualizes the wedding event. Whitney and Michael chose Ville Tre Ville as their wedding venue due to its aesthetic beauty. On the rehearsal day, they started with the bride donning a Giambattista Valli dress in Capri. Guests arrived at the venue with boats while musicians on the water played Italian classical music. For the wedding, Michael and the groomsmen wore Isaia an Italian menswear who designs Tuxedos. As opposed to three days earlier, the morning of the wedding was full of heavy rainfall, and the wedding had to wait until the rain subsided.

The event resumed at around 3 pm, with all the guests having being seated at 7 pm and the ceremony began at 7:45pm.the venue provided the perfect aesthetics, from the flower field to the custom-made benches and the beautiful Positano view. For dinner, Beef Carpaccio with Burrata, sauce Ravioli and green Pezzogna with vegetables were all seated. The menu was served in custom-made tiles which impressed the couple so much they, requested for them after the wedding. The wedding, also made in the venue, consisted of Millefoglie with mini Fragoline and chantilly cream. After the meals, everyone retreated to the main Salone which had a hint of Syrian Moroccan décor. The couple danced till dawn while enjoying pasta, Caprese burgers with frozen Limoncello shots.

For details: time.com/3851583/bumble-whitney-wolfe/

Sentient AI Technologies Role in Digital Marketing and E-commerce

Sentient AI Technologies is an American company based in San Francisco that deals with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. It was established in 2007 and has generated over 143 million dollars over the years. In 2016, the company shifted focus to e-commerce and online business. Artificial Intelligence is the simulation and imitation of human intellectual ability process by machines especially computer systems. These processes include acquiring information and the rules for using the information, reasoning as well as self-correction. An example of this is speech recognition and machine vision.

Today’s e-commerce has grown, and this is because of the innovations such as Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend. This has brought about several advantages such as increasing revenues, making it easy for customers to shop and improving the customer satisfaction rate. One of such innovations is Sentient Aware; this is the use of computers to deliver real-time tailored images of an item through visual conversions. This is better because once a customer has the item as a photo, there is no need to waste time in text-searching or voice-searching. This, therefore, saves the customer time and gives them an exact image of the item they are looking for, reducing customer disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Sentient Ascend is another invention by the Sentient AI Technologies. The invention helps companies to search and find a design that will work best for the company or personal website. This algorithm works quickly and takes millions of combinations to find the best design and ideas for your site experience. This is best to work with as it can optimize a single page as well as a funnel. It will also drive more conversions to your website traffic. It breaks down the barriers of old testing traditions, recognizes promising concepts and ideas syndicates them with each other and gives you non-obvious covert ideas which are more than A/B traditional testing would give. Legacy A/B solution is slow and will only allow you to try one tryout at a time, and only 1 out of 6 is correct. This algorithm teaches you about your customer base in real time. Everyone that visits your website gives Ascend an idea of what is working and what is not working on your site, therefore, evolving and improving its performance according to your website audience. It will also show you all the changes made over the time in a single window before you launch to allow you to see and make your own changes.

George Soros’ commitment to creating an Open Society

Billionaire philanthropist, George Soros, currently runs the second largest charity organizations in the United States. This is after he donated $18 billion dollars to his charity organization, Open Societies Foundation. Soros is globally renowned for his commitment to supporting liberal causes. He established his foundation in 1979, and its first project was to provided education grants to black South Africans who suffered discrimination under the apartheid rule. It also strived to advocate for equality and justice in different parts of the world. The Open Societies Foundation is now the world’s second-largest philanthropy after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was established by the Microsoft founder.

Before the donation, Soros was worth $23 billion and was ranked as the 20th person on the Forbes Magazine’s top 400 wealthiest Americans. Most of his fortune was acquired from the hedge fund sector. The 87 years old billionaire was born in Hungary and later moved the country to theU.K. He worked as a railway porter while pursuing a finance degree at the London School of Economics. The Open Societies Foundation has offered more than $14 billion to support democracy and human rights since 1984. George Soros has been transferring billions of dollars from his riches to the Soros Fund Management, which has invested in the foundation.

George Soros has been moving his money quietly to his foundation for years. He started Soros Fund Management in 1969, and it later grew into one of the most successful investment firms in the world. The billionaire was also involved in currency speculation in 1992, and he short sold the British pound. He earned about $1.5 billion from the Bank of England. Soros Fund Management was transformed into a family office and is currently in charge of handling Soros’ money. His company makes billion annually from handling investments and hedge funds. Read more at Fortune about George Soros.

The Democratic Party acknowledges Soros for the financial aid that he offers. He has supported the election bids of various Democratic politicians, and this has made him be criticized by the Republicans. George Soros was one of the vocal critics of the former president George W. Bush and even donated funds to several groups that opposed his regime. He has also been against the policies of the Trump administration. The philanthropist also contributed towards the re-election bid of President Obama in 2012. Hillary Clinton has been his major political beneficiary since he gave over $10 million to various PACs that supported her presidential campaigns in 2016. Read more about at theatlantic.com.

The Open Society Foundation currently owns divisions in New York, Brussels, Budapest, and London. It runs operations in about 140 countries across the world and has offered employment to 1,500 people. The annual budget of the organization is estimated to be about $940 million. Approximately 28 percent of its money is donated to support human rights and democracy. The distribution of the grants that are offered by the Open Societies Foundation is determined by 23 national and regional institutions that are managed by local boards. Soros grew up in a communist country, and he believes in transforming the world to offer equal opportunities to people.

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Securus Technologies Inc. was founded in 1986, in Texas by Richard A Smith. He created a system that will control contrabands in cell phones. It is one of the largest providers of detainee communications, parolee tracking and government management solution. Its main notion is to provide the public with safety by using its technology to solve investigations on inmate-on-inmate crimes and provides a good environment for the people.

Richard’s main honor to create this service was to protect and serve the country. I think this service is really useful and it can be proven from some of the customers testimonials. One customer sent a feedback explaining how they were able to obtain a corrupt staff worker while another one said of how they could monitor calls that had information regarding inmate alcohol use and threats to a person or a state.

By using Securus Technology, investigations have been much easier and faster to solve and also the jail security has highly been improved. The system could also be used to know the various complaints on sexual harassment and monitoring the contraband incidences.

Securus Technologies Inc. services have been rendered to be very useful by many people including various correctional facilities. This has enhanced its market and it has widely spread. Currently, it’s about forty five states but in the near future I see it being used and being the only option for many people. The service being rendered is very secure, simple, powerful and easy to use. It is also very accessible and affordable. All these traits increase its chances of experiencing a worldwide growth.

I honestly think it’s a choice I would choose due to its high quality services and the best customer services. It also helps to make the world a better place for many people around the world.


ID Life CEO Stepped Forward To Help Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

In the aftermath of the recent Hurricane Harvey, Logan Stout, the founder and CEO of the ID Life health and wellness company came forward to assist the hurricane’s victims. As a leading health and wellness company that offers high quality vitamins and supplements, ID Life regularly seeks to educate consumers about matters of health.

A recent article on the Gazette Day website tells of how Mr. Stout decided to temporarily shut his offices in order to concentrate on bringing relief supplies to those in need.

Within a few hours of the hurricane leaving the area, Logan Stout had begun collecting much-needed supplies, and his company’s offices were being used to store pallets filled with all sorts of donated goods. Mr. Stout realized that assembling a convoy of trucks and boats to transport the supplies to the affected areas was needed.

Due to the large amount of goods that were donated, there was an immediate need for volunteers to help load the convoy of trucks that were headed to Houston. Using social media, Mr. Stout put out a call for 200 volunteers.

Many social media users were eager to respond to the call, and be able to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Mr. Stout also made an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, informing viewers of relief efforts being made, and of the need for supplies.

As the CEO of ID Life, Logan Stout is a motivated and successful man who also wears several different hats. Among them are keynote speaker, entrepreneur, founder of a youth baseball organization, a best-selling author and philanthropist.

An article on the Reporter Expert website suggests that with his background as a professional baseball player, Logan Stout knows very well how effective it can be when people are working together as a team.

In addition to vitamin supplement and skin care products, ID Life offers Superfood snack and protein bars, protein shakes, flavorful energy chews and shots, and much more. With a free, confidential health assessment that customers can use on their website, the company can determine which supplements are just right for each person’s needs.

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