End Citizens United: Reveling Government Atrocities, Working For Reforms In America

End Citizens United is an organization that has been working to bring about political reforms in the American government. Formed as a result of the Supreme Court ruling in ‘Citizens United,’ which was a case that allowed large corporates to invest into political parties without question, and without having to disclose the amount to the public. This invited a lot of corruption into the system, which is when ECU came in to help the people once again establish control in matters of governance and which concern their everyday lives.

Since then, ECU has managed to streamline change on a national level and has had a significant impact on the society. People from all over the country have come forward in support of ECU, because it adheres to the concerns and worries that they have about the government, and proposes implementable solutions to resolve the situations to the best of their abilities.

ECU believes that the Democratic Party is the better option in terms of leading the people from a governmental position. The organization has time and again expressed the drawbacks of the Republican Party, providing hard evidence to support their claims. Most recently, ECU was responsible for uncovering the illegitimate nature of the campaigns that the Republican Party had used. Even though the United States has a ban on foreign nationals from spending on political parties, the Republican Party still found a way to do so. It was discovered that the ads that appeared on Facebook, urging people to vote for the Republican Party were funded and aired by a Russian company. This goes against the laws that the country follows, but the people leading the nation currently are bending it in ways to suit them best. This incident coming to light has further established Russia’s prominence in the Republican Party and their meddling in the government of America. At the rate of which the Republican Party is currently functioning, there is scope for a lot of trouble on United States Soil.

When it comes to what they are going to do about the situation, the ECU has big plans. One of the big plans of the ECU is to ensure that the Democratic Party gets elected in the 2020 elections. The organization has been working hard to achieve this and has tried to support the elected representatives of various states across the country. One of the more recent people that ECU came forward in support of was Doug Jones, who will be running for the U.S Senate against the Republican Party nominee Roy Moore. Having an incredible amount of experience and aim to better the society with positive insights was just one of the many reasons why the ECU came forward to endorse him.

Search more about End Citizens United: https://actionnetwork.org/groups/end-citizens-united

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