Jose Auriemo Neto, the Most Successful Developer in Brazil

Jose Auriemo Neto is one of the most prominent real estate developers in Brazil. He currently serves as chairman and CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA. This real estate company focuses on developing residential and commercial properties throughout Brazil. His role is to oversee JHSF’s interest in hotels, office buildings and other public developments. Jose Auriemo Neto is also responsible for the company’s retail and shopping portfolio. The successful shopping complex Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo is once for example. He has also helped develop the Metro Tucuruv, the Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus and the Bela Vista in Salvador. Currently under construction are two developments in the Sao Paulo district. Click here to know more.

Jose Auriemo Neto oversaw the company’s first retail venture in 2009. He was able to sign exclusive partnership agreements with high end brands such as: Jimmy Choo, Hermes and Pucci. These luxury brands were able to open their first retail outlets in the Cidade Jadrim shopping complex which JHSF owns. A partnership with Valentino was also secured in 2012. Soon after, the first R.E.D. and Valentino stores were launched in Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto attended the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo before working for JHSF in 1993. He studied engineering and took a business administration course at FASE. Being the smart businessman that he is, he created the parking lot management company Parkbem in 1997 which founded the company’s services department. After this admirable success, Jose Auriemo Neto obtained the rights to develop the Shopping Santa Cruz and oversaw it’s successful development.

Norman Pattiz boasts results of Networked Brand Lift Studies and the Research Performed by Edison

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne is a leading advertiser supported podcast network that was founded by Norman. The network, at the moment, currently broadcasts over 240 hours of original content programming each week across over 200 of today’s most popular podcasts.

About Edison Research

Edison Research is a leading researcher in podcasting space. The company conducts surveys, researches and provides strategic information to many of it clients. Some of these clients include Activision, AMC Theaters, Disney, Dolby Laboratories, Google and many more big names in the business.

About the Studies and Results

Crunchbase revealed that Norman Pattiz, a PodcastOne Executive Chairman, teamed up with Tom Webster who is a VP of Strategy with Edison Research. They informed their following that they had closely examined and performed a series of advertising tests with 5 national consumer brands and service categories throughout the nation.

This was the first type of this kind of study that was conducted last year and it showed a very high and significant impact on podcast advertising on brand recall. The results were very positive.

Some of the results that they had concluded from their testing were:

  • An outstanding 60% of their followers were able to mention a specific brand of a grocer in a post campaign that was advertised. This was up by 7% among the consumers prior to running the campaign.
  • In regards to a financial product studies, this increased by 47%.
  • 37% increase in automobile advertising
  • 24% for lawn and garden product advertising.
  • When performed for a very specific campaign message for an automobile product it increased 60%.
  • And one of the most impressive figures for the study done was a pre and post study for a dining restaurant had results at an amazing 76% level of increase. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Crunchbase

Edison Research had experimented with both common known name brands and some that were lesser known too to help prevent the results from being skewed.

In the pre and post campaigns, all campaigns were run with the same advertising technique and ranged in their promotion run time for 4 to 6 weeks. The results showed that indeed there was a significant increase in the customers’ interest or willingness to either consider or purchase the advertised brands from these studies.

When asked about the study the PodcastOne Founder and Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz both agreed that the core focus of the study was to independently prove the podcast format and its effectiveness in providing this enhanced type of marketing of brands in this type of broadcast formatting. The results have validated the companies approach integrated advertising effectiveness.

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In Central Ohio Tammy Mazzocco is The Key To Real Estate Sales

Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful real estate sales person, specializing in residential properties. She works with RE/MAX in the town of Pickerington and the four surrounding counties. The thrill of the real estate business for Tammy is the ability to help families find the home of their dreams.

She got her start in real estate by working as a secretary for a for a commercial real estate company, and worked for several other companies as well during those early years. Then one day she decided that sales were something she could do, as she had seen several other people do well, and she thought if they can succeed in sales, so can I. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

The early days were a bit rocky at first as she remembers being shy in asking clients about their financial condition. A fellow agent told her that she should just go ahead and ask for the information up front, and not worry about what they thought. They have to have a certain financial set-up anyway in order to buy a house, and it is always better to find out sooner than later if they are eligible.

Tammy Mazzocco puts in long hours because she spends most of her time out in the field showing houses to prospective clients. But, she states that when you are enjoying yourself, it does not really feel like work. Tammy gets her biggest high from selling real estate when she is able to help a family find just the right house in a neighborhood of their choosing.

Tammy goes out of her way to put herself in the place of her customer, and she knows that they sense it and because of that they are more apt to do business with her. People are uneasy when they are buying a new home, and Tammy does her level best to make them feel comfortable and at ease.


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