How Bruce Levenson Looks To Change The World Of Nonprofits

Bruce Levenson used to be a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks until he sold the team in 2014. He was looking to support a good cause in order to put to use the money he earned from the sale. Over the course of his career, he has worked with the leadership of a large number of nonprofits. Something that he recognized was that, while they were passionate about their causes, by and large the don’t have the business skills that are needed to in order to successfully execute their missions. Bruce decided to do something about this state of affairs and took his idea to the University of Maryland.

The University of Maryland is now home to the Do Good Insitute. This institute, which Bruce Levenson and his wife seeded with $75 million, is designed to provide the nonprofit leadership of the future with the education and skill necessary to effectively run one and achieve good in the world. The program has seen a huge positive response from the students at the university and has already led to a number of new nonprofits opened by students who have taken part in the institute.

Bruce Levenson started out his career as a writer at a few newspapers. He went on to co-found United Communications Group and served as a Partner at the firm. In 1977 Bruce founded Atlanta Spirit, LLC, which became part of the ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks. According to ESPN, the NBA team was sold to another ownership group for $730 million that was led by billionaire Tony Ressler.

Over the years, Bruce has been a leader at a number of organizations. He is a Director at TechTarget, Inc. He has also served the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association on its Board of Directors, and he is the President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Visit his website:



Making Money With Traveling Vineyard – Why Join?

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Thor Halovorssen Is Working Hard To Ensure Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is one of the most prolific human rights activists right now. He is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and he works tirelessly to help free those individuals that suffer from oppression and tyranny due to the actions of those in power or corrupt government and dictators. He began his fight by helping his own family. Both of Thor’s parents were human rights activist. His mother was shot and killed during a peaceful protest in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez’s men were to blame for the incident that occurred at a peaceful protest. He later was able to free his father when he was captured and tortured in a prison after he exposed political corruption within the Venezuelan government.

After he was able to free his father, Halvorssen began to devote all of his time and energy to helping others in similar situations all over the world. He has personally traveled to distant locales and countries to negotiate for hostages as well as rescuing them. He has almost been captured himself on more than one occasion. Thor Halvorssen has also been the key driving force behind the annual Human Rights Oslo Forum which is an annual gathering of like-minded individuals that come together for a week of forums and festivities to help promote freedom and human rights to people all over the world.

Thor is also a political contributor to several network television stations. They seek his opinion on many political issues that the world and individuals face in today’s times. He has also authored several articles in magazines and newspapers. He works continuously to voice his opinions related to world issues and has gathered a team of talented individuals to assist in the work that he has undertaken to further human rights. for more.

Goetti Is A Great Company

The company, Goetti has been known for their great work for many years in the air conditioning and HVAC field. With a multitude of clients, they have impressed many people with what they can do. Since they want to acquire even more of the market, they have brought over two more companies to theirs.

Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air are now a part of Goetti, and this good for all parties involved because they can make even more profits from the mergers. In the past, these companies could only do residential work, but now with Goetti they can take on the commercial field too. With the two companies comes 20 employees that Goetti will be able to use in the field for various jobs that they obtain.

70 years ago, the Goetti brothers decided to create a company that was called Goetti. This company was based in Arizona, but it has since moved its major operations to the Las Vegas area. They were voted in as the best HVAC company in Arizona in the year 2017. Since they have been acquitting more businesses in Las Vegas, they are becoming better known there also. They can work in both the residential and commercial sectors of the industry.

They are able to sell and repair air conditioning units, complete HVAC and plumbing, as well as more. They have quite a talented staff of people that work diligently for them in an effort to make them the best in the industry. The company is solid, and the future looks extremely good for them.

Valentine’s Day: Diamonds or Screenings?

Diamonds are forever. But what good is forever if you’re not healthy? Maybe a Life Line Screening is the real sign of your love. Or maybe it’s just a nice way to say, “Hey, I care about you and want you to live a long time.” Either way, diamonds are forever, but a Life Long Screening is for a lifetime.

Because we’re talking about love here, let’s talk about heart health. Heart disease is still the number one killer in the US. Fortunately, Life Line Screening has some ways to check on the health of your or your love’s heart. With ultrasounds, finger prick blood tests, and a non-invasive EKG, you can be assured that if there’s something wrong they’ll find it.

Your arterial function can be compromised by heart disease. Cardiovascular disease can lead to anything from an aortic aneurysm to peripheral artery disease. It can also place you at risk for erectile dysfunction. A finger blood test can check your cholesterol level and inflammation markers in your blood which can be indicators of impaired arterial function.


Remember how diamonds are forever? Forever sounds great, but do you know what doesn’t? A broken hip because of osteoporosis. A Life Line Screening can detect a lack of bone density, which is a risk sign for osteoporosis. So while a diamond is pretty, walking is pretty significant.

Finally, maybe your sweetheart is a just a bit too sweet. Or maybe they’re just too great of a baker. Either way, diabetes is not something you or your sweetheart want to have. A glucose screening can help make sure you can still enjoy the fruits of both your labor.

Take the time to consider your next valentine’s day gift. Flowers are pretty, diamonds last forever, but a Life Line Screening says you care. Take care to show your love that you want them feeling their best for their whole life. View Page.

For more information, view Life Line Screening’s YouTube Channel.

Thor Halvorssen Looks To Create A Buzz With The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation was born in 2005 when Venezuelan-born activist Thor Halvorssen became disenchanted with the work being completed by the major human rights community organizations he felt were ignoring many of the major issues in the world. Halvorssen has developed the Human Rights Foundation to become a leading part of the activism community he explains follows the definition of human rights laid down by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and seeks to make an impact through a range of events developed to raise the profile of individual activists and the community as a whole. Thor Halvorssen LinkedIn .

Much of the work Thor Halvorssen and the small staff of just 12 at the Human Rights Foundation complete is done in secrecy as they have become known for assisting in the escape of political prisoners from restrictive regimes. As a Hollywood film producer, Thor understands the importance of creating buzz around the events the Human Rights Foundation has developed over the years; the University of Pennsylvania graduate Halvorssen has looked to use open letters as part of the major events of the Human Rights Foundation that include a 2011 event designed to halt the “Urban Outfitters” brand from using images of Che Guevara out of respect for those who died during the Cuban revolution.

Perhaps the best-known event the Human Rights Foundation has become known for is the annual Oslo Freedom Forum that has been called the most important event on the calendar for human rights activists. Thor Halvorssen himself plays a key role in creating the annual conference in Oslo where he feels the profile of many activists can be raised by the global exposure offered by this event. Individual events have also been created by Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation, such as the Hack North Korea event that brought together technology experts from around the world to discuss new ideas for moving information in and out of the closed borders of the communist nation.