Richard DeVos Jr. Helps The Community Through The DeVos Family Foundation

Hailing from Michigan, Richard DeVos Jr. or Dick DeVos as he is more commonly known is the son of entrepreneur and businessman Richard DeVos Sr., the founder of the large healthcare product provider – Amway. Since 1984, Dick DeVos has been working at the company, and overseeing all the operations that the company conducts in the numerous countries that it performs its operations in. Currently, Amway is operational in over fifty countries and is one of the largest healthcare and nutrition suppliers in the country. Dick DeVos worked at the company for several years and in the middle left to start up his own business called Windquest Group, which undertook the manufacturing and merging of numerous smaller furnishing stores and traders. Using his expertise and all that he learned while managing Amway, Dick DeVos led his newfound company in the direction of success.


The company proved to be hugely successful and contributed to the enormous amount of wealth that Dick DeVos possesses. But his heart beckoned to rejoin the family business as his father wanted him to fulfill the position of president of the company. Using his excellent managerial skills, he was able to translate them to the employees and the company to make it the success it is today. While doing this, he continued to lend his help the Windquest and assist them with all their operations. Handling so many companies and large organizations, one would think that Dick DeVos already has his hands full, but that isn’t all this man does.


One of the main reasons why Dick DeVos is so well known throughout the country is owing to the significant amount of philanthropic work that Dick DeVos does. DeVos is married to current Education Minister of the United States, Betsy DeVos. Along with her, Dick DeVos established his organization for the benefit of society and to help those who need aid. With that in mind, the DeVos Family Foundation came into existence and since then has created quite an impact on numerous people.


The foundation’s primary focus is on education and uplifting those who cannot receive a high quality education due to financial limitations. The organization is known to provide scholarships to students who have shown exemplary talents at their schools. These scholarships are given to them for the purpose of helping them enroll and afford private school education so that they may develop their skills to their fullest potential and help contribute to society.


Through the DeVos family foundation, Dick DeVos has also made efforts to help the environment around him to benefit the community. The Foundation donated a significant amount of money to organizations that were working towards mitigating the high amount of pollutants in the water around and Laka Macatawa in Ottawa County.


University of Chicago joins Eric Lefkofsky, CEO of Tempus to Fight Breast Cancer

Battling cancer is the most related news in the century and breast cancer, alone, is one of the most common leading causes of death. Jim Dallke, Associate Editor of Chicago Inno stated that Tempus is the cancer-fighting startup that wants to give the physicians at the University of Chicago genomic sequencing data that will change how data will influence treatment success in the future. Data is important to use in medicine due to statistics, patterns and molecular spreadsheets.

Tempus Partnership

Tempus`s founder Eric Lefkofsky started partnering with University of Chicago Medicine in 2015 and this year the project is taking off. This alliance is bound to provide data used to change treatment plans. The data sequencing will be used to monitor how patients respond to treatment plans. Genetic information isn`t sequenced enough so that physicians can improve treatment decisions, so the molecular data being processed will increase positive patient outcomes. Tempus steadily impacts the healthcare society and strives to accelerate private institutions order of science so that patients can go home to their families. Lefkosfy`s numerous community ventures started in Chicago, his hometown in which are initial startups called Groupon, Lightbank, and Drivin.

Who is Eric Lefkofsky?

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan and is the CEO of Tempus and co-founder of several companies such as Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean and Uptake. He supports several ongoing charities by creating, buying and selling companies then giving a portion of that money back to the communities such as health, education, human rights, arts and culture. Lefkofsky`s confidence in business partnerships strengthens our outlook on the future of fighting cancer once and for all.

Lefkofsky’s Ideas

As he continues to change lives, accelerated disruption is proving to be one of his best idea for positive business outcomes for doctors, colleges, patient services and overall research science.




Online Reputation – The Statistics Speaks For Itself

The search results are critical and important these days because it is what helps us businesses achieve sales, market their product effectively, and help manage online reputation in general. Higher the page rank is considered as higher the online reputation. It is why there is so much interest among the businesses as well as individuals to improve their rankings on the search engine result pages and achieve higher ranks. The impact of higher rankings in today’s world just cannot be ignored, and it is all about the greater numbers.

Previously, people had to rely on Yellow Pages for search results, but today, people search everything on Google and believe what they see, almost always. The search engine results are used to make critical decisions. Before meeting anyone, people mostly have created a mental impression about the individual by researching on him/her online. The numbers related to how the search results are influencing some areas signifies its importance.

According to, around seventy-five percent of the Human Resource Departments research does the online search and profiling of the candidates before they hire. What they find about the prospective candidates online significantly impacts whether to hire the candidate or not, and over 85 percent of the HR officers says that positive information about the candidates has influenced their decision to hire the candidate.

For companies hiring executive level candidates, the online search is done over ninety percent of the time and affects the decision almost always. Adverse information on the internet can decrease the chances of the candidate being hired drastically. The screening of the candidates is done via social media networks. Over sixty percent of the companies do a screening of their candidates through the social media.

Close to 42 percent of the adults in the United States Google, the people they would be prospectively doing business with. The results influence their decisions as to whether they should go ahead and do the business or not.

These factors make it clear that people should try and monitor their online reputation and manage it using various methods available to ensure they remain competitive and have a healthy image online.

Talk Fusion For Business

When you are running a business you have a lot to think about. Talk Fusion can help your business to communicate with others. You might be wonder how it can help you and the business you run.


Talk Fusion Connects

Talk Fusion video chats connect parts of the business that live in different parts of the country or even the world. The video chat option can help you to connect with other people in your business. This way you can see what they are doing and they can see what you are doing within your business. If you want to change something within your business, then you can use the chat to talk to others in the business and get their thoughts as well.


Talk With Customers

Another great thing you can do with Talk Fusion video chats is talk to people you are helping with your products. If you are having a promotion, then you can let your customers know about it and then take questions about your business or the promotion. You can also do video emails to let customers know what you are doing and how it can help them. This way they will be informed in a fun way.


There are a lot of ways video chat can help you to run your business. You just have to be creative and find new and fun ways to get customers a great experience as well as people who work with you. The last thing you want is for them to not like what is going on in the company and want to leave. Take your time and think about what it will be like when you are in real business. This way you will be happy and they will too.


Eric Pulier’s Persistence towards the Future

Eric Pulier is a technologist and entrepreneur. He is also an accomplished publishing author, philanthropist, and public speaker. Eric has founded more than 15 companies and sold his latest company fetching $350 million. Pulier is widely recognized for his successful entrepreneurial skills and innovation. He is an expert in entrepreneur technology, and many instances turned small ideas into multi-million enterprise.


His innovation has helped him transform startups with millions in capital. The millions raised have helped build and undertake various ventures such as a restaurant in Santa Monica and California. He is an inspiration to many upcoming entrepreneurs with his ability to turn innovative ideas into large businesses.


According to Eric Pulier, philanthropy helps make a worthy contribution to the society. It also gives one joy and peace when they can see the change that their actions have brought in the lives of ordinary people. Pulier is an example of a combination of successful entrepreneurship and leadership. He believes that true success comes when a person invests on their purpose. To realize greater success one has to be persistent and work hard.


Misguided attention in business can breed depression when results are not realized. This requires a lot of patience and objectivity in business. Insanity can be sanity to some people depending on how they work.

According to puller, entrepreneurs should surround themselves with smarter, better and goal driven people. Above all, an entrepreneur should believe in themselves and their aims. This will help them put more effort to achieve success.


Change is coming, and prospecting investors should embrace it rather than being frightened. They should take up the challenge to improve and come up with better ideas. When other people see something as impossible, look at it as a slight obstacle.

In business, innovations will help an investor stay ahead of other competitors. It also encourages reinventing the way something is being perceived in the world. In most cases, innovations turn into brilliant ideas that bring much success in the business. A businessman should be willing to innovate, create something from nothing and turn dreams into reality.


Sawyer Howitt and Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt is a student whom is also a project manager at the Meriwether Group. He’s an incredibly focused young man, currently a senior in High School. His passion is about understanding the needs of any business from a holistic perspective. His first job was at a juice bar, and since then he has learned about the importance of delivering great customer service. Sawyer Howitt will be attending Columbia University, where he will be studying Finance. He also understands popular trends, which is one of his abilities which he has held since he was a very young age.

View Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball stats, click here.

What You Never Knew about Rona Borre

Rona Borre is a leader in the industry

Rona Borre is the Founder and CEO of Instant Alliance. She is recognized as one of the top female entrepreneurs in Chicago. Rona founded Instant Alliance in 2001 and has steered the company to become recognized nationally as a successful business enterprise owned by a woman. Rona serves on several boards where she holds leadership positions as a leader in the community of Chicago. Some of these include The Young Presidents Organization, the Economic Club of Chicago, and The Chicago Network. Instant Alliance has been able to become a household and has gained a reputation as a very reliable and efficient enterprise under her leadership.  Source:


The National Association of Women Business Owners and the Business Ledger has honored Rona as an Influential Woman in Business.  Rona Borre is a leader in the industry of human capital. She has been featured by CBS 2 Chicago, CNBC, CNN, Crain’s Chicago, and USA Today. The Enterprising Women Magazine acknowledged Rona as the Enterprising Woman of the Year. Her agency has also been awarded several accolades. Rona Borre holds a BS in Business which she earned from the University of Arizona.

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Rona is recognized for her passion in assisting companies to achieve their goals and missions by matching them with the best of talents. Her contributions to the community of Chicago have made her be recognized in the whole of US and beyond. She is termed as a hard working woman who believes in teamwork and bringing the best out of a person. She attributes her success to discipline, passion, hard work, and commitment.

Read interesting facts about her here.



Want to Invest in Brazil? You Could Use These Tips Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is known for more than its gorgeous beaches. It is actually one of the best places to invest. The economic climate on is inviting and there are so many investment opportunities available. However, just like all other countries, if you are not well-prepared, you could end up losing a lot of money. Luckily we have a Brazilian investors who loves to share his wealth of experience and knowledge. The man is Igor Cornelsen and here are some of his tips on investing in Brazil.

Understand Your Purpose of Investing

The major reason why people invest is because they want to make money. So, if you start to lose money in your investment on, it is really not worth it. If you realize that your investment is only about making losses, you should abandon it immediately.

Minimize the Risk

There is no investment that is not without risk. All you can do is try and minimize the risk. One way of reducing the risk is through diversification on Expanding the type of services or goods sold by your company will ensure that you at least gain from some products even when others are losing.

How to do Your Research

When investing in a new country, and basically in any country, you need to do your research well. Besides, this is the only way you will identify any gaps. What makes your investment successful is the way you do your research. In these digital times, many people opt for the internet to do their research. But according to Igor Cornelsen, the best way is to get on the ground and ask those who have invested there, about their experiences.

About Igor Cornelsen

Cornelsen is a prominent Brazilian Investor who currently resides in Florida. He is considered to be a genius in the banking industry, having worked for some of the biggest banks in Brazil. Being a retired banker now, Igor Cornelsen works part-time for the Brainbridge. The rest of his time is spent either playing golf or sharing investment tips.

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Donald Scott NYC Tools for Shaving

A straight razor is made up of a blade, and a pair of handles called scales. The blade and the handle are held together using a pin. The blade can fold into its handle. The blade shank is the one held during shaving. During shaving, the thumb holds the underside of the blade shank. The other fingers hold the topside of the shank. The handle is placed between the ring finger and the little finger. The skin must tightly stretch when shaving. For safety, the straight razor blade ( is set at an angle of 30 degrees to the skin. Donald Scott NYC is one of the many manufacturers of razor tools and is rated as the best in the market.
A single straight razor can be used multiple times without replacing hence reducing the cost of shaving. A shavette razor is a similar product used for shaving. It uses changeable blades and is efficient for shaving when in a hurry. It also requires less maintenance.
Donald Scott NYC most popular products include New Naked Blades which are disposable razors with maximum flexibility and glide. Also, Donald Scott NYC offers a Groom Stik Pro; a long lasting battery operated trimmer that grooms hard to reach places like near the ears and eyebrows.

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Kevin Seawright: A Strategy For a Better Community

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative expert who has established himself as a brilliant economic strategist on the East Coast.

Seawright enjoys a reputation for successfully leading company reorganization strategies throughout New Jersey, a reputation for success which has lead him to his current position as Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation or simply Newark CEDC is the primary economic development catalyst for New Jersey’s largest city. Designed and organized to attract, grow, and retain businesses, enhance minority and small businesses, and promote real estate development across the city’s 20 unique and diverse neighborhoods.

Newark CEDC is a close collaborator with Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development. Together they work to produce and sustain economic growth and generate jobs within the community.

Being a part of this enterprise has allowed Kevin Seawright to use his financial expertise to benefit communities throughout the East Coast for more than thirteen years.

Receiving his Master of Business Administration from the Mendoza College of Business, at the University of Notre Dame, in Notre Dame, Indiana.

Kevin Seawright has developed a potent business model and professional approach that is a unique combination of team inclusion, business acumen, government operations, financial private sector, and outcome efficiency. He is known for his unique strategic vision and ability to successfully achieve business goals, and direct and command new opportunities.

According to Market Wired, prior to serving as Vice President at Newark CEDC, Kevin Seawright served as Vice President of Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors, in addition to Campaign Manager at KLS Political Services, and as Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Baltimore City Government.

Seawright’s career accomplishments include revenue enhancement, enhanced recruitment efforts, and staff retention via solidifying human capital divisions within the companies he has done business with.

His work has had direct positive effects on the community by fostering economic growth, and supporting the efforts of community owned businesses.

Seawright has received several awards throughout his career for outstanding service and professionalism.