Video Visits And Securus Technologies Today

When other people are out enjoying the holidays, the prisoners in facilities are not. They are incarcerated, and they feel alone and desperate. When this happens, there may be upheavals in the facility, so there are now Christmas video visits for them to use in order to feel that they are more a part of the holiday season.


With the Christmas video visits, they are able to see, and hear their loved ones having their holiday. This is nice for them, because they can watch them eating their meal, and opening their presents. They are able to feel that they are there with them. The company that created the video visits is Securus Technologies. They want the public to know about the benefits of the video visits, and they are putting out a number of commercials in order to do so.


The company is a leader in the public safety industry. They create technology that protects the people, and they are known and respected all over the globe. The government contracts them to help, and they deal with justice by assisting in both the civil and criminal sectors of it. When they complete a mission, they are able to induce the safety of the public in a better fashion. Every week, they are busy developing even newer and better forms of technology. They deal with a million prisoners every year on a regular basis. Their company employs dedicated professionals that complete their missions on a regular basis. Since they are able to do remarkable things for others, they are always in high demand across the country. The world takes note when this company completes its missions, and they will continue to be the leader in their industry.



The futuristic cinematic experience introduced to the world by Lovaganza

Lovaganza is one of the leading Entertainment brands which mainly focuses on humanitarian missions. All the activities of Lovaganza are for inspiring the humanity to form a New World of Unity, Peace, and Abundance. Lovaganza is bifurcated into two divisions namely the profit oriented Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and the non-profit Lovaganza Foundation. The former is mainly focused on producing films for provoking Global Impact. In August, Lovaganza finally announced its launch dates of the biggest cinema tour in 2020.

Jean-Francois Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon are the founders of the Lovaganza Trilogy. JF Gagnon is a talented director, producer, and music composer. The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy is an exciting cinematic experience devised by Lovaganza to give their audience the unforgettable experience in various genres of movies like action, thriller, drama, etc. The Trilogy takes the Bohemian Adventure to a completely new dimension with the new Immerscope technology. Immerscope uses a Super wide 180-degree glassless 3D curved wraparound screen of the Caravans. In the Cinema Pavilion, there will be a 360-degree screen. There will be traveling theaters too, and the celebration will be present in all the locations of Lovaganza. The team will perform in about 50 cities across America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. Immerscope Team is planning to give the audience an out of the world experience with its immersive entertainment and cognitive approach. The main aim of Lovaganza is to unite the people belonging to different races from all around the world.

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The celebration is commencing from the year 2020 with unity as the motto. In 2025 Lovaganza will be up for Peace and in 2030 for Abundance. In 2040, Lovaganza will be presenting the final celebration with the introduction of Beta World as a new phase in human history.

The Marvelous 12 animated series will be telling the background story of the Lovaganza Convoy movies which will be shown during the traveling shows. The music will be recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London which is the most revered recording facility in the world. Abbey Road Studios is of historical importance because of all the memorable projects like Harry Potter film, Gravity, Grand Budapest Hotel, Spectre, and The Jungle Book were done here. The Marvelous 12 has an excellent set of a team consisting of Jean Francois as a music composer, Chris Elliot as music arranger.

The design of the Lovaganza Park is very illustrious and is done by Javier Martinez. The aerial view of the park flaunts some red and white striped tents which are very capturing. Martinez is a very creative designer and concentrates even over the minute sections of his design. He knows how to play with colors and designs.

Lovaganza is the ultimate and the most elaborate stage production with world class live actors, dancers, acrobats and performances. They come from multitudinous cultures all over the globe. The most enthralling and unique landscapes of the Earth will be shown in the vast Immerscope’s 360-degree screen in 3D format.

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Josh Verne: How to Achieve a Positive Change in both Your Life and Business

Josh Verne is the founder or co-founder of several successful companies such as Workpay.Me and FlockU. He leverages his unparalleled expertise across various sectors to offer investment advice to his clients. His tips for building prosperous business empire include:


Approach management as a leader not a boss


Josh Verne advises managers and business owners to earn respect by putting the interest of their employees above everything. The productivity of workers increases when they are happy with the management.

 Never settle for less


Verne advises his clients to focus on obtaining a win-win situation in any deal or negotiation. By avoiding settling for less, you will put more effort into finding the best alternative or ideal solution for any challenge.


 Listen attentively and talk when you must


Develop a habit of listening carefully and speaking when you have something important to say. The fewer your words, the more authoritative they tend to be.


 Balance your life perfectly


Make sure that you are productive in every area of life. Spare some time for family and friends. Focus on creating new friends, building your relationship, improving your health, and growing your business.


 Follow your dream

Make your life interesting by venturing in an area that you like. Following your dream is the key to an exciting life.


Josh Verne


Josh Verne has leveraged his success as commerce/internet executive to make a difference in the corporate world. He mentors young entrepreneurs and advises them on the process of launching, growing, and managing businesses. He enlightens his followers by publishing articles in renowned magazines and uploading inspirational videos on YouTube.


Verne experience of turning ideas into successful companies extends for over 20 years. Currently, he runs the affairs of FlockU, a top content exchange platform that promotes learning in college. It allows the exchange of viral content, opinions, news, and other relevant information concerning exams. Students can visit to study, watch, and share funny, educative, and hilarious content. Before his current position as the CEO of FlockU, Josh Verne established and sold workpays.Me, a premier firm that allowed its client to buy products and services and make payments over time by using automatic payments.

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