Venezuelans Want To Defeat Hunger Crime Inflation And Corruption According To Agricultural Entrepreneur José Manuel González

José Manuel González, the Venezuelan agricultural entrepreneur, and former President of Fedecamaras in Caracas is on a mission to change the direction of the country. González is currently the Deputy to the National Assembly of the state of Guárico. Mr. González has been trying to turn the country around through a national agreement, but President Nicolas Maduro wants to do things his way. His way is to bring the people of Venezuela to their knees through food deprivation, land and business seizures, electricity shortages and high inflation. The country with the richest oil reserves in the world has no money, and all fingers are pointing to President Maduro as the source of this economic disaster. Venezuelans are living their worst nightmare, and they want it to stop, according to González.

One of the largest recall rallies in the history of Venezuela is underway. Millions of people filled the streets with signs that said, “We are going to bring down Maduro,” and “This government will fail.” Those messages and more like them popped up in cities across the country. The opposition Democratic coalition expected one million people to join the rally in Caracas, but according to the reports the total was much higher than that.

Maduro is calling the rally “a violent, fascist ambush,” Maduro ‘s henchmen have been rounding up activists for days, according to González. Maduro is telling his supporters that his quick response has stopped the rally from becoming violent. Maduro will do anything to stay in power, and that includes using tear gas on the protestors. Maduro used extra police to block the streets of Caracas, and there were roadblocks on most major routes into the capital from the surrounding provinces.

Jose Manuel González has been trying to find a political solution, but Maduro believes the rally is backed by the United States. No one is sure what will happen next in Venezuela, but according to some reports, the outside world is not going to get a realistic version because Maduro has expelled all the foreign reporters. Maduro was hand-picked by Hugo Chavez, but he has destroyed everything Chavez accomplished.

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